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The money.co.uk 2020 key worker nation report

From healthcare to national security, essential workers across the world are doing their bit in the battle against coronavirus to protect the public and keep the world working in incredibly challenging times. Their heroic efforts are a true inspiration to everyone, so much so, searches for key worker roles have skyrocketed...

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Graphic of 2020 Key Worker Nation Report

The personal finance experts at money.co.uk have today released the 2020 Key Worker Nation Report which analyses the last 90 days of Google Search data* for 24 key worker roles**. 

The report reveals which essential jobs have become more popular, and the areas of the UK that are searching the most***.  

Over the last 90 days, the top ten key worker roles have seen searches rise by 164%, they are: 

Overall searches for the 24 key worker roles analysed surged by 67%

Commenting on the results of the study Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at money.co.uk, said: “Throughout the coronavirus crisis, key workers across the UK have been doing their bit to ensure the country is kept healthy, well stocked and safe.

“Our research clearly shows that their heroic efforts have inspired the nation to consider jobs in helping others and doing their bit to make a difference. In these troubled times, it’s wonderful to see such a positive response to the hard work being put in by the essential workforce.”

Commenting on the results of the study Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at money.co.uk said: “As a token of their appreciation to the inspirational efforts of key workers across the country, hundreds of companies have been generously offering special offers and discounts to key workers to support them during these difficult times.

“To help find these offers easier, we have created The UK Key Worker Discount Database, that includes a range of discounts and free services that are open to all essential workers in the UK, plus details on how to access them.”

Find the money.co.uk 2020 Key Worker Nation Report here: https://www.money.co.uk/guides/key-worker-nation-report.htm

Find The UK Key Worker Database here: https://www.money.co.uk/guides/key-worker-discount-database.htm 


Notes to editors:

Key Worker Nation Report Methodology: 

*Starting with a seed list of key worker careers (three roles from each of the Government's Key Worker Category List):  

    The following phrases were used to ensure search sentiment was related to jobs careers or work in each profession:

    "Midwife Jobs", "Nursing Jobs", "Care Work", "Teaching", "Social Worker", "Childminder Jobs", "Journalist Jobs", "Funeral Director Jobs", "Civil Service Jobs", "Solicitor Jobs", "Supermarket Jobs", "Delivery Driver Jobs", "Factory Jobs", "Army Jobs", "Police Officer Jobs", "Firefighter Jobs", "Bus Driver Jobs", "Taxi Driver Jobs", "Train Driver Jobs", "Call Centre Jobs", "Cashier Jobs", "Recycling Jobs", "Border Force Jobs", "Post Office Jobs".

    **For each of these, Google Trends was used to show the percentage increase or decrease in interest for each key worker career over 90 days (1st February - 1st May) alongside the ***UK locations who were the most interested, according to Google search data.

    Google Ads Keyword Planner was then used to find the monthly UK search volume for each key worker career.  

    We then applied population estimates from the Office for National Statistics for each location, divided by the search volume from Keyword Planner to develop the search index for each.

    The raw data can be explored here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13O7kxNsazFy3Lsq1HcYolsGRjALSQrtl5suc13qsDLs/edit?usp=sharing 

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