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Compare the costs of these prepaid cards to find one that can be topped up with euros and used to spend abroad for less.

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Post Office Travel Money Card
Administration fee
No fees for 12 months after expiry then £2 a month
Foreign transactions
Overseas ATMs
Load charges
Debit card: free, Post Office: free
Over 60 currencies available for next day home deliver or collection from over 11,000 branches. Click and collect EUR and USD in two hours from a branch near you. Includes travel money refund guarantee. Ts & Cs apply.
Typical card expiry is four years.
Permanent UK Resident
Minimum Age18 years
Additional Cardholders Minimum Age18 years

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How to get a prepaid card in euros

You can find a prepaid card using this comparison, which only includes cards that let you keep your balance in euros.

When you have found the best travel card, you can apply online through the provider's website. Once your application is accepted they will send you the card by post.

Here is how to choose the cheapest euro prepaid card deal:

Check the cost

Prepaid cards can be more secure than cash because you can cancel them if they are stolen.

They can also be one of the cheapest ways to spend abroad. This comparison shows how much each card costs. You can compare the fees for:

  • Buying the card

  • Holding the account (charged monthly or annually)

  • Withdrawing cash

  • Spending on the card

  • Adding money to the card's balance

  • Using the card outside the UK

You can then pick one that suits how you will use it. For example, if you want one to keep long term but only use it occasionally, look for low or no monthly fees.

If you will withdraw cash frequently, look for a card with no cash withdrawal fees.

Here are all the fees and costs that come with prepaid cards you can use abroad

Check the exchange rate

The balance in euros you get when you pay money onto your prepaid card depends on the exchange rate.

If you added £250 to your prepaid card:

  • An exchange rate of 1.2 euros per pound would give you €300

  • An exchange rate of 1.3 euros per pound would give you €325

The exchange rate is applied when you top up your card. If the rate changes later, it does not affect the balance in euros on your card.

Exchange rates change frequently, but check that a prepaid card usually offers competitive rates before you apply for it.

Check which currencies it can hold

You can get prepaid cards that just hold a balance in euros. But if you spend in a country that does not use the euro, it converts to the local currency each time you spend on it, which can work out more expensive.

Multi currency cards can hold several separate balances at once, each in a different currency. For example, you could have €200, $150 and £100 on the same card.

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Last updated: 18 October, 2021