Compare money transfers to Pakistan

Compare these companies that can offer flexibility when you send money to Pakistan. Whether you need to send regular or one off payments, you can find a service with low fees.

How to get the best deal for sending money to Pakistan

Sending money to Pakistan is simple. You just need to compare exchanges rates and transfer costs from as many transfer companies as possible to find the cheapest deal.

Most do not advertise their exchange rates online, so you need to complete their online form to get a personalised quote by email. Your quote will include:

  • The amount you want to transfer

  • The exchange rate offered

  • Any charges for sending your money to Pakistan

Most companies give you a better exchange rate if you transfer a large amount of money, such as £5,000 or more.

Here is how international money transfers work

What happens next?

After you get a quote, there are three ways you can send money to Pakistan:

  • Online

  • By phone

  • By visiting an agent in a branch

Use this comparison to find a transfer company that offers the transfer method you prefer.

How long does a transfer take?

It usually takes up to five working days for your money to arrive in Pakistan, but it can take up to two weeks with some companies.

If you need your money to arrive quicker, most transfer companies offer a next day transfer service but usually charge an extra fee for it.

Check the timescales with your transfer company before you send your money.

Why use this type of transfer?

Using an international money transfer service is usually cheaper than sending money through your bank. You can use this type of transfer for things like:

  • Buying a property in Pakistan

  • Paying for your child's education abroad

  • Sending money to a family member or friend

Transfer companies can also offer more services, such as a regular payment facility which lets you set up multiple transfers over a set period of time.

Here are more reasons to use a money transfer service