What is it?

There is only one type of insurance that can offer an invaluable amount of money to help you re-adjust after the loss of a loved one - life insurance.

You, or you and your partner, are responsible for paying your mortgage/rent, your car insurance and other outgoings, but what if one of you died?

This is when life insurance kicks in - you can grieve and not have to worry about how you'll cope with your bills.

What's stopping you?

You can't afford it

If you support others financially, think about how they would manage if you passed away.

A life insurance policy doesn't need to cost a fortune, and is cheaper the younger you are, so don't hesitate if you're thinking about getting it.

You're young and healthy

This is definitely the most ideal situation to be in, but freak accidents can happen to anyone, regardless of age and fitness.

Getting life insurance can offer you peace of mind against the unexpected happening.

You don't have children

Having a policy in place when you have a family can be sensible, especially if you have a mortgage and don't want this debt to land on your children should the worse happen.

However, getting a policy in place when you're younger can reduce the cost of your premiums.

You already have cover through your work

If you have death in service, or similar, the amount paid out may sufficient for your needs, but is still a great workplace benefit.

If you leave your place of work, you leave behind the benefit too, something you may not be able to control further down the line.

You'll get around to doing it... eventually

Unlike other things you might put off, like going to the gym 3 times a week, or sticking to a diet, you only need to start a life insurance policy once.

You also won't need to review it each year either, like other types of insurance.

Get a quote today, and see if there is a reason you shouldn't take it out now.

You already have a policy as the main earner

This shows you've already considered the risk of your family losing your income.

However, if your partner passes away, could you juggle the responsibility as the main earner and parent?

Having a lump sum come your way could offer you support when rearranging your life. You could consider a policy each, or a joint policy to cover you both.

You don't know which type you need

This is natural as you want to get something this important right first time.

You can get an overview of the different types of life insurance here.