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Rebecca Goodman is an award-winning personal finance journalist with more than a decade's experience in the industry. Her areas of expertise include insurance, mortgages, energy and savings.

Over the years her work has appeared in specialist publications including Money Observer, Moneywise, MoneySavingExpert and ThisIsMoney as well as writing for national media titles including the Mirror, Guardian, Independent, Telegraph and The Sun.

Couple on paradise beach resort sharing honeymoon

10 budget friendly honeymoon destinations

From Bali to Bournemouth, there’s a honeymoon to suit every budget and here we look at the 10 most affordable honeymoon destinations.

Where to go for less
Person dropping a coin into a jar to save for a wedding

How to save for a wedding

From the dress and suits to the canapes and cake, weddings are an expensive business and no matter what you have planned you’ll need a savings plan to pay for it.

Where to put your cash
Group of friends out on a hen do

Cheap hen do and stag do ideas

Weddings are back and that means hen and stags are too, but what are the best stag do locations and who pays for the hen do? We look at everything you need to know to plan a brilliant but budget-friendly celebration.

More fun, less spending
Wedding rings on a calendar marked with the wedding date

The best month to get married

You’re engaged and starting to plan your wedding but will it be in June or January? We look at how to pick the best time of year to get married.

How to set your date
A woman interviewing another woman for a job in an informal setting

How to employ someone

If your business becomes successful enough, or you need a hand to get it started, you will need to think about employing staff to help out. But how do you pay them, what responsibilities do you have, and how much does it cost to employ someone?

What you need to check for
A woman putting clothes into a box, surrounded by other boxes, home business, side hustle, entrepreneur, small business

Can you start a business from home?

Everyone’s heard the stories of billionaires starting their businesses from a bedroom at home, but setting up a start up takes careful planning and there are hidden costs. This is what you need to know to get it right

What you need to check for
woman home small business side hustle working

What insurance do I need for my business?

No one wants to pay for something they may never use, but sometimes business insurance isn’t an optional extra. We explain when business insurance becomes a legal requirement, and when it’s a matter of choice

What you need to check for
Man writing a business plan, filing accounts for a small business

How to write a business plan

Why will your business thrive and be successful when so many others fail? The answer will be found in your business plan.

Business plans made simple
A man in an airport looking at the duty free section

How do duty free allowances work now?

From alcohol and cigarettes to perfume and electronics, if you’re buying duty free items and bringing them back to the UK, here we explain the rules you need to follow.

How much you can legally being back
A happy couple planning their holiday

When is the cheapest time to go on holiday?

If you’re longing for a holiday but don’t want to break your budget, here we look at how finding a bargain break is all about picking the best time to book and seeking out affordable destinations.

When's cheapest to travel
Woman looking at papers and credit cards on the floor, whilst gripping her name.

IVAs explained

An IVA, or individual voluntary arrangement, is a legally binding agreement between you and any company to whom you are in debt. It sets out how and when you will pay back what is owed.

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Which supermarket has the best credit card?

Tesco v Sainsbury - which supermarket has the best credit card?

You choose a supermarket for your weekly shop but should you use its credit card? We investigate the best supermarket credit cards and how the Tesco and Sainsbury’s cards compare.

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How couples can save more money on car insurance than singletons

If you're part of a couple you can sometimes save significant amount on your car insurance - this is how being married, in a civil partnership or even just cohabiting with a significant other can result in a cheaper car insurance quote

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A block of social houses

How to access and pay for housing as a refugee

Refugees are able to apply for help with housing in the UK, from money to pay for rent or a deposit to a place to stay. Here we explain the kind of support available, who can apply, how much can be paid, and where to go for it.

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A wall of property listings

UK cities seeing house prices rise fastest named - along with the places seeing falls despite the stamp duty holiday

House prices shot up again in April, by 4.1% according to Zoopla, and they’re rising fastest in areas where they are most affordable including Wales and the North of England, but although many factors are aligning to make it easier to buy a property, including the stamp duty holiday and low interest rates, the buying frenzy means we are running out of available homes fast

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House prices rise 10% in a year, the fastest growth since 2007, government data shows

House prices continue to soar, rising 10.2% to March 2021, the highest growth seen since August 2007 according to government data of recorded house sales, largely fuelled by the temporary stamp duty holiday, the continued growth of the UK economy following the coronavirus shutdown and the successful vaccine rollout.

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New laws to protect renters and revolutionise deposits announced in Queen’s Speech

Lifetime deposits for renters, greater tenancy rights, support for those living with unsafe cladding, and a relaxation to ground rent rules are just some of the announcements made in the Queen’s Speech

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UK house prices rise to another record high of £258,204 in April

UK house prices rise to another record high of £258,204 in April, Halifax reports

House prices continued to soar in April, up 1.4% from March and 8.2% in a year to an average of £258,204 according to the latest Halifax index.

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Bank of England building

Bank of England holds interest rates at 0.1% in May 2021

Interest rates have been held at 0.1% by the Bank of England in May, just over a year since they were temporarily cut in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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A wall of property listings

UK house prices see biggest monthly rise for 17 years in April, Nationwide reports

House prices continue to storm upwards rising monthly by 2.1% and annually by 7.1% to an average of £238,831 for April, according to the latest Nationwide house price index. The growth has largely been fuelled by the extended stamp duty holiday and the UK’s continued recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

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Young woman looking at property listings in estate agent's window.

Government-backed 95% mortgage deals launched

The details of the first deals launched using the government’s new 95% LTV mortgage guarantee scheme have been unveiled - this is what’s now on offer as well as your other options

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House prices soar to record high of £254,606 in March, Halifax reports

House prices soar to record high of £254,606 in March, Halifax reports

House prices rose again in March, by 1.1% monthly and 6.5% annually according to Halifax, thanks to the extension of the stamp duty holiday and the continued recovery of the economy as the coronavirus pandemic pushed up demand for new homes.

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Row of semi-detached houses in Oxford

The most and least affordable places to buy a home

The places in the UK it’s easiest - and hardest - to afford a home on the a local salary have been named, with some unlucky people needing to find more than 27 times their annual income to afford a home near where they live.

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Row of terraced houses

The cheapest and most expensive houses sold near you

New figures from the Office for National Statistics have revealed the postcodes with the cheapest and most expensive homes in England and Wales, with values ranging from just £25,000 to £5.8million depending on where you are in the country.

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Bank of England building

Bank of England holds interest rates at 0.1% in March 2021

The Bank of England base rate has again been held at the all time low of 0.1% for March, as confirmed by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) on Thursday.

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Rishi sunak

How the 2021 Budget affects homeowners

Here's a summary of the key changes that will affect homeowners following the 2021 Budget.

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