It is an insurance policy, available to members of the armed forces and veterans, that pays out a lump sum when you die.

How to get life insurance if you work for the military?

You can get quotes for life insurance by completing our broker form.

Although you can apply for life insurance, it is not guaranteed that an insurer will accept your application.

When you apply for cover, an insurer uses the following to decide if you can have cover:

  • Your age: The younger you are, the more insurers you are likely to get accepted by.

  • Your health: If you are healthy and do not smoke, you have a better chance of getting accepted for cover.

How to choose the best policy

Before you can apply for the right life insurance policy, you need to decide:

  • How long you want cover for: The term of your policy is important because it gives you a timescale when your loved ones can claim on your behalf. The longer the policy, the better the chances your family get a payout.

  • How much cover you want: This will be the payout your family could get if you die during the term of your policy. The bigger the payout, the more expensive your monthly premiums will be.

Do you need life insurance in the military?

When you work for the armed forces you should get death in service compensation, but the amount given will depend on your time in service and cause of death.

If you want to guarantee a specific payout amount when you die, you should consider a service life insurance policy.