Yes, but your choice may be limited and cover can be more expensive the older you are.

Get quotes from life insurance companies that could offer you cover if you are over 70 years old.

How long can you get cover for?

This depends on the insurer, but most set a maximum term based on:

  • A set period, for example 50 years

  • A set age, for example 80 years old

So if you chose a policy with a maximum term age of 84 years of age when you are 70, your policy would last 14 years, even if the maximum term length was 50 years.

Some insurers offer different limits depending on the cover you choose. For example, the maximum age limit may be lower for decreasing term policies compared to level term life insurance.

Why is life insurance for over 70s more expensive?

A life insurance policy when you are over 70 years old will cost you more because:

  • You are more likely to have developed health conditions

  • Your chances of developing health conditions is higher

  • Your life expectancy is shorter the older you are

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