It is an insurance policy you can apply for when you are 60 or older. All insurers will have an age cap, so check this before comparing policies.

How to get life insurance for over 60s

Getting older does not mean you have to pay a fortune to get the life insurance you want.

Fill in our broker form with your personal details and life insurance requirements, and get quotes from a range of insurance companies.

To find the best life insurance for over 60s policy, compare the cost of premiums based on the cover you need and choose the cheapest.

How long can you get cover for?

This depends on two factors used by insurers:

  • The maximum age you can be to apply: This is the oldest you can be to apply for a new life insurance policy.

  • The maximum age before your policy ends: This varies depending on the insurer, and represents the oldest age you can be before your policy stops.

If you are over 60, the term you can choose is usually lower than the maximum term.

For example, a life insurance policy that offers a maximum term of 40 years or until you are 75, could only give you 15 years cover if you applied at 60.

What are the alternatives?

If you would prefer to choose a policy with a smaller payout and affordable premiums, you could look for an over 50s life insurance policy.

This is a special type of life insurance policy because it guarantees acceptance without a medical, so you can apply even if you have poor health.