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Find contents insurance if you're a student living in halls or a shared house and want to protect your valuables.

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Last updated: 16 December 2020

How to get the right student contents insurance

To get the best contents policy as a student, think about:

  • What items you want to protect, and how much they are worth

  • What extra cover would be useful, like mobile phone insurance

  • What is excluded from the policy

Check to see if your family's home insurance can cover you while you are at university, but be aware that it may not offer the best cover.

If it does not, this comparison shows every UK insurance company that offers student contents insurance.

Here is more information about student home insurance

What do you need to protect?

Most student contents policies offer the same cover as standard contents insurance, and extra cover if you study away from home:

  • Gadget cover: You may need this to protect valuable items like your laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

  • Musical instrument cover: If you play an instrument you can add this cover to protect it against damage and theft.

  • Room key cover: This covers any costs if you lose your room or house keys, and can pay for a locksmith.

  • Tuition fee cover: This covers the cost of your rent and tuition if you are unable to continue with your course following illness or an accident.

Check each policy carefully to see if any of these benefits are included as standard, or if you can add them for an extra cost.

You need enough contents cover to replace all your belongings if they are stolen or destroyed. Add up the total value to see how much contents cover you need.

Find out how to work out the value of your contents here

What is not covered

When comparing student policies, check the terms and conditions carefully to see what is excluded from your cover.

Common exclusions include:

  • Theft with no sign of forced entry, e.g. if someone living with you steals your tablet

  • Break ins if you do not have an approved lock on your door

  • Cover during term holidays, e.g. summer or Christmas

  • Any item over a certain value, e.g. a laptop worth over £1,000

Once you know how much cover you need and what exclusions to watch out for. Compare as many policies as possible to find the best cover at the cheapest price.

Optional extras

Some insurers let you add extras to improve your level of cover. Common add-ons include:

Personal possessions cover

This protects things you take outside of your home, like jewellery and mobile phones. Most policies can cover you anywhere in the UK and if you go abroad.

Garden cover

This covers items kept in your garden, such as plants, furniture and gardening equipment. Some policies also cover the cost of repairs to any landscaping if your garden is damaged.

Bicycle cover

Most policies will not cover your bike as standard if it is kept outside, but some let you add it to cover your bicycle if its is locked up in your garden, or when you take it away from home.

Any extras you add to your policy will increase the cost of your premiums, but this could be outweighed if you need to make a claim.

Student contents insurance FAQs

Can I get student contents insurance?

Can I get student contents insurance? If you are in full time education at a university or college in the UK and have no criminal convictions you can get a student policy.

Do I need student insurance if I still live at home?

No, student policies are for people living in halls of residence or rented accommodation while studying.

Will I need buildings insurance as a student?

Not if you live in shared accommodation or halls of residence, because it is the responsibility of your landlord or university to cover this.

Can student contents insurance cover my laptop?

Some policies include it as standard, or you may have to add gadget cover to protect it.

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