If you are carrying out renovation works on your home, you may need specific insurance to protect it.

Most standard policies will not cover major renovation works, because they increase the chances of something going wrong and you needing to make a claim.

You usually need separate cover for:

  • Damage to your building and contents

  • Theft of your contents and building materials

  • Personal accidents

Ask your existing home insurer if they can cover the work before you start. If they cannot, find a policy that can insure your house during renovation works.

Do you need home renovation insurance?

You may need a specialist policy if:

  • The works mean your home will not be lived in for more than 30 or 60 days

  • The works are extensive; some standard policies can cover minor refurbishments

  • There will be expensive equipment and materials kept at the property

Once the work has been completed, most renovation insurance policies can continue to cover your home, but you could get a better policy by comparing standard home insurance.

What does is cover?

  • Unoccupied property cover: This covers your home for more than the 30 or 60 days offered by standard policies, because large scale renovations may mean you are unable to live in the property while works are being carried out.

  • Public liability cover: This covers you if someone is injured while at your property, for example if scaffolding falls and hits someone. It covers the cost of any legal or compensation claims they make against you.

  • Alternative accommodation: This covers the cost of living somewhere else if damage caused by the building works means you are unable to live in your property.

  • Building material and equipment cover: This covers the materials and equipment kept at the property, including items that have not yet been fitted like kitchen units.

Most policies can cover renovations to listed buildings, as long as you have consent from your local planning authority.