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Last updated: 1 February 2021

How to find the best listed building insurance

If you are looking for listed buildings insurance, you may find it harder to find a cheap home cover policy.

Most listed buildings are over 100 years old, and need to be restored using traditional materials if damaged, which can be very expensive. Therefore, if your property is classed as a grade 2 listed building, listed building insurance providers will see the potential for a big payout and so charge more for cover.

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What properties can listed building insurance cover?

There are three grades of listed property you can insure with listed buildings insurance:

  • Grade 1: These make up 2.5% of UK listed buildings and are buildings of exceptional interest.

  • Grade 2: Listed building insurance providers are most likely to be able to cover these homes. These are buildings of special interest and make up the majority of listed buildings in the UK.

  • Grade 2*: These are important buildings of more than special interest, and make up around 5.5% of the listed buildings in the UK.

Most buildings built before 1840 close to their original condition will be listed.

You can check the Historic England website to find out if your home is listed, and what grade it is.

What types of listed buildings insurance can you get?

You can get a policy that gives you:

Most listed building insurance providers ask for the rebuild value of your listed property to work out your home insurance. For listed buildings, rebuilding costs are likely to be a lot higher than for newer homes, so it is important you get an accurate value for your listed building insurance provider.

You can use the Association of British Insurers (ABI) rebuild calculator to get an estimate, or pay a surveyor to give you a more accurate valuation.

Home cover and listed building insurance FAQs

Visit the Historic England website, where you can search for your property using your house name or postcode.

Yes, find out more about Scottish listed buildings on the Historic Environment Soctland website, and Northern Irish listed buildings on the nidirect website.

Yes, if you have a listed wall on your property for example, you need a listed home policy to cover it if it is damaged and needs to be repaired.

They often need to be restored using original materials, which can be more expensive than modern buildings. Try these 8 ways to keep the cost down.

No, but it gives you valuable financial protection if something goes wrong. English Heritage advise home owners to insure their property if it is listed.

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