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Making & saving money guides

We have created guides on making and saving money to help you find ways to make extra cash from home, provide unique savings tips, cut expenditure and help improve your overall cash flow.

What's the best way to cash-in spare change?

Whether you have recently unearthed a mine of coppers from the back of your sofa or have been saving loose change for years, cashing it in can give your wallet a welcome boost. Find out the best way to switch your pennies for pounds.

Parents teaching children personal finance habits

A guide on teaching your kids good personal finance habits

If you are looking to understand how to educate your children on the importance of personal finance, money.co.uk have pulled together a guide to help you do so.

9 free apps that save you time AND money

Whatever you're up to, there's probably an app that can help you do it cheaper and faster. All of these free apps can either save you time, money or both.

Make money by renting out your drive

Renting out an unused garage or driveway can be a great way to make some extra cash. Follow our step-by-step guide to find out how you go about it and avoid any potential pot-holes.

Couple looking at laptop screen

Why hoarding cash at home is bad for your financial health

Just as some of us prefer a hand-written letter to an email, there are people who would rather hide their cash in their mattress than put it in a savings account. We show you how hoarding your cash could mean you are losing out.

How to make money from auction sites

While we can not guarantee that we will make you an eBay millionaire, we can share our top tips on how you can earn some extra cash.

Is it ever worth playing the lottery?

We all know the odds are low, but somebody has to win - is it ever worth spending your money on a lottery ticket?

Photo of tribute to key workers

The UK’s best deals for all key workers revealed

The personal finance experts at money.co.uk have searched the internet and found the best deals available to ALL essential workers in our key worker discount database.