When you're already shelling out for tuition fees, books, rent and food, you don't want to have to spend too much on dull things like insurance when there's a social life to fund.

Electrical gadgets can be downright necessary, but they're rarely cheap. Paying yet more to insure them is a pain, but can be worthwhile if it saves you a shedload if things go wrong. Knowing what you're looking for should help you decide if you need it and give you the best chance to find cheap student gadgets cover.

Is gadget cover for students worth the cost?

Insurance is most important for an expensive gadget - especially if it's one that you couldn't manage without, like the laptop you work on, or your camera if you're a photographer.

A decent comprehensive policy will protect you from whatever might go wrong by paying most of the cost for having it fixed or even replaced.

But if you have several less pricey items, it might actually be cheaper to save the money you'd pay for insurance. If one goes wrong, you'll then be able to afford to replace it yourself - or maybe even upgrade to the newest model. Look into the cover available, work out how much a policy that fits your needs will cost and weigh up how likely it is that you'll ever need to claim.

What to look for in gadgets for students insurance

There are a lot of insurers out there, each offering a range of products. Before you start looking at policies, have a think about which of the following features you'll need:


It can feel like nothing is built to last any more, so if your gadget gives up the ghost just after its warranty has ended but before it becomes obsolete, a policy that includes breakdown cover will help you replace it.

Accidental damage

Even the smallest act of clumsiness can have serious repercussions for gadgets - who hasn't ever dropped their phone or spilled coffee on their laptop? The terms of each policy will let you know if it covers any ham-fisted disasters.

Theft and loss

There's not much point in having portable gadgets if they never leave the house, but taking small, expensive items out and about is always going to be a risk.

Living in shared accommodation can put your shinier possessions in peril too - even if you can trust your housemates, there's always the chance they'll throw a party or bring home someone new, which can mean you end up with someone less scrupulous in your house.

Not all policies cover loss or theft, so make sure you find one that does and if you're living in halls make sure that shared accommodation isn't excluded as well.

Types of device covered

Some policies might not include certain gadgets, such as rare ones or something you've imported from overseas, so check the terms and conditions if you want to cover anything a little unusual!

Going abroad

Whether you're chilling on a beach holiday or seeing the world on a gap year, you'll want something to read, some tunes to listen to, a camera for photographic keepsakes and a phone to stay in touch. Taking expensive gadgets abroad is risky, so make sure your policy covers travelling if you do intend to go anywhere.

Maximum cover

Policies always specify a maximum amount they'll pay out for a claim. It's only worth considering ones that will pay out enough to replace the items you're insuring - for example, a cheap policy that would only pay up to 100 wouldn't be suitable if you wanted cover for an expensive SLR camera.


When you claim on an insurance policy, you have to pay some of the cost yourself. This is the excess, and if it's too high, the claim will barely be worth making. Try to balance a low excess with an affordable monthly cost.

Types of student gadget insurance policies

You don't need a dedicated gadget insurance policy to be covered; you may have some cover already built into an existing financial product. If this covers your gadgets to an extent that you're comfortable with, there's no need to take out a separate gadget policy.

If their limited nature or high excess doesn't suit your needs, though, you'll need to look for something more comprehensive.

Gadget warranty

Most electrical items and gadgets come with a warranty, so the first thing you should do is give that a read to see how much protection it provides. It will most likely include if your gadget goes wrong thanks to faulty workmanship, but they don't usually last for too long, and often don't include accidents or theft.

Home contents

If you already have home contents insurance in place, it might be cheaper to insure your gadgets through that. As well as checking if it is cheaper than a separate policy, make sure it includes cover for when you're outside the home and that the excess won't be too high.

If you share the policy with your housemates, don't forget to ask them before you add your own stuff to it!

Packaged current accounts

If you pay a fee for your bank account, it will probably have some extra features - possibly including gadget insurance. If so, look into its terms to see if it covers everything you need, and find out what you need to do to add your gadgets to the policy.

Separate gadget policy

If none of the other options work for you, look into getting a separate gadget policy. This will usually offer cover tailored towards gadgets with a smaller excess.

Rather than just getting, say, iphone insurance, student policies that cover all of your gadgets are generally cheaper than insuring everything separately.

Compare gadget insurance for students

Once you have a decent idea of what you're looking for, have a look at what policies fit the bill, discarding any that don't, however cheap they are. Use our student insurance for gadgets comparison to find as many decent policies as possible. Then you're ready to compare them on price - consider the excess as well as the monthly premium you'll need to pay and pick the cheapest option.

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