When looking for a policy, shop around and compare quotes to find the best offer.

This insurance is designed specifically for student life, covering factors that regular insurance can exclude or restrict, like taking your laptop to lectures.

Student gadget insurance policies vary depending on the provider, the number of gadgets you're insuring and the level of cover you require.

Count your gadgets

Student gadget insurance can cover your:

  • Mobile phone

  • Laptop

  • Camera

  • Games console

  • Tablet

  • MP3 player

  • Smartwatch

  • Sat-nav

  • E-reader e.g. kindle

Some providers can insure several gadgets under one policy, which can work out cheaper than covering each device separately.

Compare cover

Most standard policies include:

  • Breakdown: Your insurer will replace your device if it suddenly stops working.

  • Accidental damage: Your device is covered in the event of a mishap e.g. dropping your phone and breaking the screen.

  • Worldwide cover: Going abroad with valuable items can be risky, worldwide cover protects your devices if you intend to travel with them.

Other insurers also offer cover for theft and loss but this may not be part of standard cover and can cost extra.

Before you look for quotes, decide on the type of cover you need, this will make it easier to find the right policy.

Things to look out for

All student gadget insurance policies have terms and conditions, check these to ensure that your gadgets will be fully covered and you decrease the risk of surprise bills if something goes wrong. Look out for things like:

  1. 1.

    Duration of cover: Some policies only cover you during term time, if you want cover beyond this, look for a policy that offers protection for the whole year.

  2. 2.

    Age of device: Many policies only cover gadgets less than three years old, or laptops less than one year old.

  3. 3.

    Proof of purchase: If you want to make a claim, many insurers require a receipt, without this, your claim may be rejected.

  4. 4.

    Gadget registration: Some insurers require you to register your gadgets before your cover starts. For example if your laptop breaks down and you replace it with a new one, you must notify your insurer, or your new device may go uninsured.

Make sure your gadgets meet the conditions, your claim make may be rejected if they don't. Which may leave you out of pocket.

Check the excess you must pay if you make a claim to make sure you can afford to pay it. Otherwise you may be left unable to claim on top of damaged gadgets.