You need to think about the cover you need and get as many quotes as possible. You should also check if you already have cover for your laptop before buying a policy.

Decide what to cover

Most standard student laptop insurance policies cover:

  • Breakdown: Your laptop will be replaced if it breaks or stops working.

  • Theft and loss: Your laptop is covered if it's stolen or lost.

  • Accidental damage: Your laptop is protected in the event of an accident, e.g. you drop it and the screen breaks.

To help you find the right policy, decide what you want to cover before you get quotes.

Check if your laptop is already covered

If you have student contents insurance or student gadget insurance, your laptop may already be covered.

Check your policies to find out if cover for your laptop is included. This will help you avoid paying for cover you already have.

Compare quotes

Compare quotes from different insurers to find the right policy for you.

Check the terms and conditions to reduce the risk of surprise bills if something goes wrong, for example:

  1. 1.

    Age of laptop: Most policies only cover your laptop if it's less than a year old.

  2. 2.

    Cover duration: Some insurers may only cover your laptop during term time.

  3. 3.

    Proof of purchase: If you make a claim, your claim may be rejected if you can't provide the receipt.

If you can't afford the excess when you make a claim, the insurer doesn't need to pay out.