iPad insurance can help with the cost of repairing or replacing your device if it is lost or damaged. To get the best policy, you should:

  • Decide what cover you need

  • Compare quotes to find the best deal

Get the cover you need

Most gadget insurers let you build your own policy by adding the cover you need to your insurance. Get the right cover by asking yourself:

  • Where do you use your iPad? Theft cover is important if you take your iPad out with you. If you take it on holiday, worldwide cover protects it for up to 90 days abroad.

  • Are you accident prone? Accidental damage covers things like cracked screens, drops and liquid damage. Most policies include this as standard.

  • Do you lose things easily? Most insurers charge more to add loss cover, so think about paying the extra money if you have a habit of losing your gadgets.

  • Do you use your iPad for work? You may not be covered by a standard gadget policy if you use your iPad for work. Get business gadget insurance quotes instead.

  • How long could you go without your iPad? They can take weeks to repair, so look for an insurer that lets you get your iPad fixed at your nearest Apple store to save time.

If you also own more than one Apple device, like an iPhone or MacBook, think about opting for a multi gadget policy. Most insurers offer a discount if you add two or more devices to your policy.

Are you already covered?

Depending on the level of cover you need, your iPad may already be covered by your:

  • Home insurance: Your contents cover may protect your iPad against theft or accidental damage at home. However, mechanical breakdown will not be covered.

  • Travel insurance: This could protect your iPad if you take it on holiday, but check to see if if the limit for gadget claims is enough to pay for a replacement.

  • Apple warranty: If your iPad is still under warranty, it will be covered for mechanical breakdowns or faults. However, it will not cover accidental damage, loss or theft.

Shop around for the best deal

Get as many quotes as possible and check:

  • The maximum cover: This should be no less than the cost of your iPad

  • The excess: Beware of £0 excesses, which could increase the cost of your policy

  • The monthly cost: Look for the cheapest policy that offers what you need

Most insurers offer a discount for buying your policy online and paying in full could also be cheaper. When you have found the cover you need, check with the insurer for any extra discounts you could get.