Whether or not you need a learner's car insurance policy can depend on how you are learning to drive:

  • In your own car: You must have a learner drivers car insurance policy in place

  • In someone else's car: You must either get a learner drivers policy, or get the main driver to add you to their policy

  • With an instructor: You will not need insurance because you will be covered by your instructor and included in the fee you pay them

If you need a learner driver policy you must have a valid provisional driving licence in place. Find out more about how learner driver's insurance works, including how to find the best policy.

How long will you need a policy for?

You can get policies that last from one day to five months, the term you choose should be based on how long you think it will take you to pass your test.

If you have booked a test in the future, make sure you are covered up to this date.

If you want the cheapest possible policy, try to avoid paying for more cover than you need.

How much does your car cost?

Learner driver car insurance policies usually have a maximum value limit for the cars they will cover.

Look at the maximum vehicle value of each policy when you get quotes so you can choose one that will cover your car.