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Compare breakdown cover with these companies for your motorcycle. They offer roadside repair and recovery options at home or in Europe so you are not left on your own without help.

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What motorcycle breakdown cover can you get for your motorbike?

Last updated: 15 September 2020

Most motorcycle breakdown cover offers the same cover options as a standard car policy. This means you can get:

    This comparison includes providers that offer motorbike breakdown cover, and shows which cover options each can offer.

    Find out what protection each type of cover can give you here

    Personal or vehicle cover

    There are two different ways motorbike breakdown cover can cover you:

      You might want personal cover if you have more than one motorbike, or you also drive a car. If you share a bike, a vehicle cover policy might be the cheapest option.

      Remember to consider which is the best motorcycle breakdown cover type for you, rather than just getting the cheapest option.

      Personal recommendations for providers and reading motorcycle breakdown cover reviews can be helpful, but the most important factor is the type of cover you need. Finding the best motorcycle breakdown cover for you will likely mean saving money in the long run, especially if you have to make a claim.

      What is not covered?

      Some motorcycle breakdown cover providers may restrict what cover you can get if you have a motorbike. For example, you may not be able to add extra cover like battery, or parts and labour cover.

      There may be other policy exclusions, like:

        Check the terms and conditions of your motorbike breakdown cover carefully before you buy a policy so you know exactly what you will be covered for when you break down.

        When you know what motorbike breakdown cover you need, and which exclusions you need to look out for, use this comparison to get as many quotes as possible.

        Here is how to work out what motorbike breakdown cover you need

        Motorcycle breakdown cover FAQs

        It depends on your motorbike breakdown cover provider, but most policies offer between one and five call outs a year.

        Most motorbike breakdown cover policies do not charge an excess when you claim.

        Yes, but only if the engine size is more than 49cc.

        Yes, if you add home start cover to your policy. Here is how to work out what cover you need.

        Yes, if you have personal breakdown policy you will be covered to drive any covered vehicle type, including cars and vans.

        If you choose a personal cover policy you will be covered when you are riding any motorcycle.

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