Start by thinking about how many people you want to cover and what protection you need.

Family breakdown cover can protect up to five people on the same policy, as long as you all live at the same address.

For example, if you live in a household with two adults and two grown up children who all drive.

What cover could you get?

When you buy a family policy, everyone will get the same level of cover, so think carefully about what protection you all need. You can usually choose to have:

  • Roadside assistance: This covers repairs by the side of the road, or being towed to the nearest garage if your car cannot be fixed straight away.

  • Vehicle recovery: This covers towing your broken down vehicle to any location if it cannot be fixed by the roadside.

  • Onward travel cover: This covers the cost of a hire car, public transport or a hotel stay so you can continue your trip if your vehicle cannot be fixed straight away.

  • Home start: This covers you if your vehicle breaks down at home.

This comparison shows what cover options each provider offers. You can use it to compare as many quotes as possible to find the best policy at the cheapest price.

Can a family policy save you money?

Most breakdown companies offer a discount if you get a family policy rather than individual cover.

However, it could work out cheaper to get individual policies with different providers, especially if you do not all need the same cover.

For example, if one of you regularly drives long distances they may want vehicle recovery and onward travel cover, but the rest of the family may only need roadside assistance.

Family breakdown cover FAQs


Do we have to live together to get a family policy?


Yes, most breakdown providers only offer family policies to people living at the same address, but you do not need to be related.


Will we be covered if we breakdown in someone else's car?


Yes, family policies are offered on a personal basis, which means you will all be covered as the driver or passenger in any car.


How many times can we claim on a family policy?


It depends on your provider and the level of cover. Some offer unlimited call outs, but a basic policy may only let you make one claim a year.


Can we claim if we breakdown from home?


Yes, but only if you include home start cover in your policy. Here is how to work out what cover you need.

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