To find the right mountain bike insurance, think about:

  • How you use your bike

  • How much your bike would cost to replace

  • Whether it is already covered

What protection do you need?

What you need cover against will depend on how you use your mountain bike (MTB).

  • Use it occasionally: If your bike spends most of its time locked away, a policy that just covers it against theft and vandalism may be enough.

  • Use it regularly: If you use your mountain bike most weekends, or you use it to commute to work you might need cover that includes personal injury and third party liability cover if you have an accident.

  • Use it in competitions: If you take part in mountain biking downhill races or time trials you need to have a policy that includes competition cover.

Here is everything a bicycle insurance policy can protect you against.

Make sure your policy can replace your bike

Mountain bikes can be very expensive, with top of the range models costing up to £10,000. So you need to check the cover limit, which is the maximum amount you can claim if your bike is damaged or stolen.

Get a policy that offers a cover limit that is high enough to replace your bike if it is stolen or damaged.

Most policies offer new for old replacement, however some may deduct money for wear and tear from your pay out so check the policy carefully.

Check if your bike is already covered

Your mountain bike may be protected by your home contents policy, but it might not give you the cover you need.

Most contents policies only protect your bike when it is kept at home, and you will not be covered for things like personal accidents or third party liability.