Theft is one of the biggest risks to your bike, so having the right cover against it is a key part of any bicycle insurance policy. You need to look at:

  • The maximum cover each policy offers

  • If it has any exclusions that mean you could be rejected if you claim

  • What else you need the policy to cover

Make sure the cost of your bike is covered

Work out how much your bike is worth and how much it would cost to replace before you compare policies.

You need a policy that offers a cover limit high enough to replace your bike if it is stolen.

For example, if your bike is worth £7,000, make sure the maximum cover is at least this amount.

Check the policy exclusions

There will be some situations when your insurer will not cover the theft of your bike; these are called policy exclusions, and can include:

  • If your bike has not been secured correctly using an approved lock

  • If you leave your bike unattended for more than 12 hours

  • If your bike is stolen while you use it to earn money, for example as a courier

  • Any theft where you cannot give proof of ownership

Read the policy document carefully to make sure you know when your bike is fully protected. You can check what locks you need to use to secure your bike here.

What else do you need the policy to cover?

Make sure the policies you compare offer all the cover you need, for example:

  • Cover if you suffer a serious injury when riding

  • Protection against third party claims if you cause an accident

  • Cover for any accessories like protective clothing or GPS