Cycling public liability insurance offers you financial protection if someone is injured or their property is damaged as a result of your actions on two wheels. Essentially, if you are to blame your insurer will cover the cost of their healthcare and/or repair bills.

You need to decide how you use your bike and what sort of costs you could potentially incur, so that you can find the insurance that meets your needs.

Public liability bike insurance can be particularly useful in densely populated urban areas where it is more likely you may crash into other cyclists, pedestrians or even vehicles.

What's included?

Public liability insurance will either set independent healthcare provision and repair/replacement limits, or offer a maximum for both. If your public liability bike insurance distinguishes between healthcare costs and third party damage:

  • If you injure someone (the third party) they will pay for their costs up to figure A.

  • If you damage their property, your insurance pays for costs up to figure B.

When your policy has a combined total your insurer will pay out for healthcare and/or damage related claims until that figure is met, for example 1,000,000. If that limit is passed you become personally liable to pay the remainder.

What do insurers consider?

As with all insurance the higher the amount included in your cover, the more you should expect to pay for your premiums.

If you opt for a high voluntary excess you can reduce these premiums significantly, but you need to be sure you'll be able to pay the excess figure in the event of a claim, remember if you can't afford to claim there is little point paying for insurance at all.

Compare the terms and conditions of the insurance quotes you get and make sure they fit your needs and how you use your bike - for example, if you travel overseas with your bike, international cover will be a must.

You will also need to make sure you adhere to any insurance requirements so you don't invalidate your policy. These can include having working lights fitted for night time cycling and wearing a helmet at all times.

How to compare bicycle insurance

Using our bicycle liability comparison table you can check each policy's limits and features, including whether the total amount(s) insured on each policy is per claim or per year, so you don't get any nasty surprises.

Decide the level of insurance that you want and then compare the cheap bicycle insurance policies that offer that level of protection, so you get the cheapest deal without sacrificing cover.

It's important to consider other aspects of the cover offered, for instance whether cover against theft is included and if you'll be covered for personal accidents.

If straightforward public liability insurance doesn't give you the protection you want, consider looking at more comprehensive bike insurance policies.

By deciding what cover you need you can quickly narrow your search to suitable policies using our bicycle liability insurance comparison, and find the best push bike insurance, for less.

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