To find the best bicycle liability insurance policy, compare quotes from several providers and choose the cover that best suits your needs.

Decide what to cover

You can find public liability cover through most bicycle insurers, which provides cover if you accidentally injure someone or damage somebody's property. Most policies cover costs like:

  • Legal expenses, if you need to defend yourself against a claim made by a third party.

  • Compensation for victims, if you are found liable for causing an injury.

  • Repair bills, if you are responsible for causing damage to someone's property.

Check your quotes carefully to check the cover you need is included, otherwise you could face expensive bills if an incident occurs.

Choose an excess

This is how much you need to pay if you make a claim. Most insurers let you choose your excess, and the amount you choose can affect your policy price.

If you can't afford to pay the excess then your insurer may reject your claim. Check you can afford the excess when you get quotes.

Look out for exclusions

You will find exclusions on all bicycle liability insurance policies. For example, a policy may not cover you if:

  • You use your bicycle for business purposes

  • You cause damage or injury someone deliberately

  • You participate in competitive bicycle events

Carefully check the exclusions when you get quotes, as some insurers may offer less exclusions than others.