If you have a used car, or have travelled long distances, you will need specialist car warranty insurance that can cover you. Here is how to find a high mileage car warranty:

Find the cover you need

High mileage warranties offer the same cover as standard warranties, but are valid even if you have travelled long distances. When getting quotes, you should check the:

  • Cover options: You can insure your engine, brakes and suspension, and wear and tear. However, if your mileage is more than 60,000, you may have to pay towards wear and tear claims. Check policy documents for a full list of what is covered.

  • Mileage limits: This is the maximum distance your warranty will cover, e.g. 150,000 miles. Once this limit is reached, cover will no longer be valid.

  • Age limits: This is the maximum vehicle age an insurer can cover, e.g. 12 years old. Once your car has reached this age, cover is no longer valid. This means it may not be worth buying a warranty if you have an older car.

  • Claims limits: This is the most your insurer will pay out per claim. For example, if your claims limit is £7,000, your insurance will pay up to this amount each time you claim. Check your documents to see how many times you can claim during your policy.