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How to complain about bad service - Letter template

Remember to delete the appropriate information before sending the letter.
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[Insert your name]

[Insert your address]

[Insert your postcode]

[Insert your telephone number]

[Insert date]

[Insert name of retailer/company]

[Insert address of retailer/company]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Ref: [Insert the type of service you experienced an issue with]

I am writing with regards to the [Insert the service you experienced an issue with] you [Delete as appropriate:] began work on / carried out on the [Insert the date the retailer/company undertook the service in question] at the price of [Insert the price you paid or agreed], for completion on the [Insert the agreed date of completion].

Much to my disappointment I found that the [Insert the service you experienced an issue with] was not completed as agreed as [include full details of the problems you have experienced with the service, explain why this is different to what you were expecting and list any problems still outstanding. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary].

I am aware that the law states that work of this nature should be carried out [Delete as appropriate:] in reasonable time / for a reasonable charge / with reasonable care and skill. However, I do not believe this to be the case with the service I received.

As such I would ask you to [Explain in detail what you would like to happen now. For example, do you want the work to be completed by a certain date, do you require a refund or a repair of affected property or possessions at no extra cost?].

For your reference I have attached a copy of the original documents relating to the [Insert the service you experienced an issue with].

[Attach a copy of any supporting documents but make sure you keep the original copy of any documents you send.]

I look forward to receiving a response from you within the next 14 days.

Yours faithfully

[Insert your signature]

[Insert your full name]

n.b. This template is intended as a guide only. You will need to amend the details and information included to reflect your individual circumstances before using.