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Earning Their Crust - How much could bake-off contestants have made through Instagram?

Recent studies have shown that every follower on Instagram is worth an estimated £0.0033. With The Great British Bake Off returning to our screens this month, money.co.uk analysed every finalist from seasons 1-10, to discover how much bread they could earn through Instagram.

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The Finalists

Our research reveals Nadiya Hussain, winner of series 6 of GBBO in 2015, is the Queen of the finalists. The 35-year-old has gone from strength to strength since her stint on the show, releasing best-selling cookbooks, hosting Nadiya's Time to Eat TV show on BBC 2, earning an MBE, and baking a cake for The Queen’s 90th birthday, to name but a few of her accomplishments.

Her 619,000 followers could earn her just over £2,000 per post, more than double the next closest contestant, Series 1 winner Edd Kimber, who’s 326,000 followers could earn him a potential £1,075.80 per post instead.

 Series 9 contestants Kim-Joy Hewlett and Rahul Mandal are the only two finalists from the same series to break past the 200,000 barrier. Kim-Joy, now author of several baking cookbooks, is the only second-place contestant to trump the winner, beating engineer Rahul by over 30,000 followers.

Which season did the best?

Series 2 comes out as one of the fewest success stories for social media, with an average follow count of 19,050 and as a result an estimated ad revenue of £62.87 per post. 

On the other end of the scale, Series 6, thanks in part to the huge success of Nadiya, takes the crown, with Series 9 not far behind it. On average these two series have 220,000 followers and ad revenue of more than £700 per post.

Recent seasons have benefitted from the increased viewership and interest in the show, as well as the drastic improvement in Instagram over the same period. The first five years of the show produced an average of 62,000 followers for the finalists, whereas the most recent five have produced an average of 150,000 followers, an increase of 141%.

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We used wikipedia to determine the finalists per season. We then manually retrieved their Instagram handles and follower numbers, before multiplying the number of followers with the estimated value of each follower (£0.0033). This calculation gave us the potential earnings per Instagram post.

The earnings per post data was retrieved from this research into influencer earnings of Love Island contestants, which is based off of a 2019 study from emarketer.

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