To find the best golf insurance policy, think about:

  • What you want cover for, e.g. golf equipment or injuries

  • How much your golf equipment costs

  • What cover you might already have, e.g. contents insurance

Use this comparison to find the cheapest policy that gives you the cover you need.

How much cover do you need?

Work out how much you spend on playing golf to help you choose the right policy. Think about the cost of your:

  • Golf clubs

  • Golf accessories including balls, clothing, trolley and GPS gadgets

  • Club membership

  • Entry for competitions and events

  • Golf buggy if you have one

Find a policy that offers the right level of cover e.g. if your golf clubs cost 2,000, look for policies that offer at least this amount of equipment cover.

What do you want to protect?

Most golf insurance policies can protect you against the cost of:

  • Repairing or replacing your golf equipment if damaged or stolen

  • Any damage or injury you cause to someone else or their property e.g. hitting someone's car with a golf ball

  • An injury you suffer as result of playing golf e.g. being struck by a ball

  • Club membership fees if you cannot play due to illness or injury

  • Buying drinks after hitting a hole in one

If you own an electric cart, you can also get golf buggy insurance to protect it.

Do you already have protection?

If you have contents insurance, your golf equipment could be covered when kept inside your home or locked away in a garage or shed.

However, most policies will not cover them when you take them out of your home, for example while playing golf. Check your contents insurance policy carefully to see what protection you have.

If your clubs are not covered by your home contents cover, compare golf insurance policies to find the protection you need.

Golf insurance FAQs


Do you need golf insurance?


You do not legally need insurance to play golf, but it can cover the cost of damage to your equipment, or any damage you cause while playing.


Does golf insurance cover me to play overseas?


Some policies include worldwide cover as standard. However you might have to pay extra on other policies to play outside the UK.


Am I covered if I hit someone's car with a golf ball?


Yes, golf insurance includes third party liability which can cover the cost of damage you cause to someone else's property, including their car.


Is my golf equipment covered while it is in my car?


Most policies cover your golf equipment in a vehicle while you are travelling to or from a golfing event. Check this is included before you buy a policy.


Are my clubs covered on a new for old basis?


Most insurers offer new for old replacement if your equipment is damaged, but only if it is less than three years old.


Does golf insurance cover me to drive a buggy?


It gives you third party liability cover when using a buggy on a course, but you need to pay extra to cover a buggy you own against theft, loss or damage.

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