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Bad credit credit card deals

9 results found, sorted by minimum credit limit. How we order our comparisons.

Barclaycard Forward Credit Card
Minimum credit limit
Maximum credit limit
Representative APR (variable)
33.9% APR
Sign up for a Barclaycard and get up to five months free of Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+ and Apple Arcade. Continues as paid subscription after trial ends. UK only, T&Cs apply.
The rate shown here is the rate you will receive if accepted for the card. Not available to applicants who already have a Barclaycard credit card.
Representative Example: The standard interest rate on purchases is 33.9% p.a. (variable), so if you borrow £1,200 the Representative APR will be 33.9% (variable).
CCJs Allowedonly one allowed
Credit Ratingpoor
History of Bankruptcyfalse
Minimum Age18 years
Minimum Income£3,000
UK Resident
Digital Credit Card
Bip Credit
Minimum credit limit
Subject to status
Maximum credit limit
Subject to status
Representative APR (variable)
29.9% APR
Digital credit card with instant balance updates, no hidden fees and spend caps set by you.
Representative Example: The standard interest rate on purchases is 29.95% p.a. (variable), so if you borrow £1,200 the Representative APR will be 29.9% (variable).
CCJs Allowednot in last 12 months
Credit Ratingpoor
History of Bankruptcynot in last 18 months
Minimum Age18 years
UK Resident

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What is a credit card for bad credit?

Credit cards for poor credit are just like normal credit cards. But they're a good option for people with bad, or no credit, history as they are less likely to reject you because of your bad credit.

What is a bad credit score?

A credit score is a metric used by loans and credit card providers to judge whether you’re suitable for them to offer credit to. Your credit score is based on your record of paying bills and making debt payments. If you’ve got a bad credit score, it’s likely you’ve got a history of missing or late payments, bankruptcy, or mortgage arrears. But your score is not just based on your credit report. It’s also based on your employment status and how much you earn.

If your credit score is low due to your borrowing history, you might need to look at bad credit credit cards. These are designed for people in your position.

How to find out if you've got bad credit

Credit card providers will use one or all three of the main credit reference agencies in the UK: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

You can use the table to find out what these agencies consider to be a low or high credit score.

Credit agencyVery poor/poorFairGood/very goodExcellent

How to find out your credit score

You can sign up to check what is on your credit record with a credit reference agency such as:

What if I have no credit history?

A credit builder card could be a good option for you. Credit cards to build credit offer a way to improve your credit score over time. They may not offer huge tangible benefits to you straight away, but what they will do is demonstrate to credit providers that you can responsibly use credit – you can be given it, and you will pay it back on time. This will lead to a credit provider trusting you with more lucrative credit cards in the future.

Who should get a credit card for bad credit?

If your credit score is low and you need a credit card, you should think about looking at a credit card for bad credit, specifically.

There are lots of credit cards for bad credit. A bad credit credit card is ideal if you:

  • haven't borrowed money before

  • have previously missed payments on their borrowing

  • have a history of late payments on their borrowing

  • are unemployed

  • have had county court judgments (CCJs) against them

  • have been bankrupt.

What are the pros and cons of bad credit credit cards?

  • You’re more likely to be accepted regardless of past financial troubles
  • They’re a good way to improve your credit score
  • You’ll get good protection on purchases you make
  • You can buy larger items that you couldn’t otherwise afford, and spread the payments.
  • You’ll have to pay higher interest rates than with other credit cards
  • You’ll be offered a lower credit limit than someone with a good credit score
  • You run the risk of getting into even more debt.
Salman Haqqiquotation mark
Credit cards for bad credit are relatively easy to get, but they’re not meant to be held onto for too long. Once you get your card, start using it to build your credit history, but be sure to make your payments on time every month.
Salman Haqqi, Personal Finance Editor

How to improve your credit score

There are a few steps you can take to improve your credit score over time, even if you currently have an adverse credit history. For example:

  • sign up to the electoral role

  • use bad credit building credit cards

  • don’t miss any repayments on your debts – pay on time and in full

  • don’t use more than half of your credit limit

  • check for credit record mistakes

  • avoid payday loans

  • avoid unauthorised overdrafts

  • close your unused credit accounts

  • don’t make too many credit applications.

What if you get rejected?

You should not reapply straight away, as it could damage your credit record. If you need to borrow, you could try to get a loan with bad credit.

Before you make another application, check your credit record and see what you can do to improve it.

You should be able to get a credit building prepaid card instead because some providers do not run credit checks.

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