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Is car insurance cheaper for women?

Last updated: 29 September 2020

Although it was made illegal for insurers to take gender into account when working out car insurance premiums, women do still tend to pay less than men when it comes to car insurance.

  • Before a European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling in December 2012 insurers would give women cheaper quotes because they were statistically safer drivers than men

  • The ruling it made it illegal for insurers to use gender as a criteria when pricing insurance

  • Car insurance premiums did not rise dramatically for many female drivers

In early 2020 research showed that of nearly 15 million car insurance enquiries, men paid £581 on average for their premiums, compared to women who paid £460.

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Why is car insurance still cheaper for women?

Although insurers cannot take gender into account, the other criteria insurance companies use means many men still pay more for car insurance

This criteria includes:

  • age

  • occupation

  • type of car driven

  • no claims bonus

  • how many miles a year driven

Why is the cost of car insurance so different for men and women?

Men still tend to pay more for insurance because they tend to work in professions where more driving is required or even do more driving when not at work.

Because of this they are still considered more risky and will pay more for car insurance – reflecting that risk.

Can I get specialist car insurance for women?

Since the ECJ ruling, car insurance companies that previously only offered cover to women must legally offer policies to men too.

However specialist female car insurance policies do exist this is because they offer extras such as:

  • handbag and contents cover

  • child seat cover

  • courtesy car when your vehicle is being repaired

These benefits could be useful, but do not limit your search to just these insurers. Get as many car insurance quotes as you can to find the policy with the right level of cover at the right price.

How to get cheaper car insurance

Comparing quotes from a range of companies is the best way to find cheap cover, but there are other things you can do you keep the cost down:

Car insurance for women FAQs

Insurers cannot take your gender into account when working out the cost of your insurance, following a ruling by the European Court of Justice in 2012.

There are several you can do to get your car insurance costs down:

  • pay a higher up-front excess – this reduces your monthly premium

  • drive less - as this makes you less of an insurance risk.

  • secure your car - having an alarm or immobiliser can reduce your car insurance

  • if you have several cars consider multi-car insurance.

Try these 10 easy ways to cut your car insurance costs

Paying annually in one go will usually work out cheaper because if you pay monthly you will be charged interest of up to 30%.

Black box, or telematics, insurance is considered a good idea for women because they are involved in fewer accidents than men, any they do have tend to be les severe so they tend to make fewer, cheaper car insurance claims than men.

A black box measures:

  • how fast you accelerate and how you drive around corners

  • some black boxes include an app which you can access on your phone

  • if you drive safely you may be rewarded with cheaper monthly premiums

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A small device, the black box, is installed in your car, and measures how safely you drive.

If you are taking out specialist car insurance you might want to compare the extras you get as standard. Check what comes as standard with your policy before you add extras like breakdown cover. Here is how to work out which extras you might need.

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