Most wedding insurance policies include ring cover, so to find the best one you should think about:

  • How much your rings are worth

  • What else you want the policy to cover

  • Whether your rings are already covered

Get enough cover for your rings

Wedding insurance can cover your rings if:

  • They are damaged

  • You lose them

  • They are stolen

  • The jewellers goes out of business before you collect them

This means you need to choose a policy that offers a high enough claim limit to replace them.

For example, if your wedding rings are worth £2,000 each, make sure you find a policy that offers cover of at least £4,000.

Check what else is covered

Make sure the rest of the policy offers the right cover for your wedding. Check the cover limits for:

  • Cancellation or rearrangement

  • Failure of suppliers

  • Wedding attire

  • Wedding cars and transport

Look at your home insurance

If you have contents insurance, check your policy to see if it covers your rings.

If you have personal possession cover, your rings could be covered away from home.

You may have to add them to your policy if they are worth more than a set amount, for example over £2,000. You should still look for wedding insurance to cover everything else, like cancellation.