Yes, you can get cover for private medical treatment after you turn 65. But some insurers have an upper age limit on their policies. For example, if their maximum age is 70:

  • If you are 71, you could not apply for the policy

  • If you are 69, you would have to switch to a new one after you turn 70

Some insurers have higher age limits, and others do not set any age restrictions, which means you can apply for them however old you are.

Policies with no age limit also mean you do not need to switch to a new policy later once you reach a certain age.

Health insurance usually costs more as you get older, so compare your options by getting several quotes and choosing the cheapest.

How to compare health insurance

To find the right policy, you should check:

  • What it covers: Each policy covers a range of medical conditions and treatments it can pay out for. Check it covers what you need, and consider conditions you want covered when you get older, e.g. heart conditions or joint replacements.

  • The cost: If several policies offer everything you need, check the premium cost and the excess you have to pay if you claim. You can then choose the cheapest option.

Here is how to choose the right health insurance policy.

Get quotes from a broker

If you want help finding an over 65s health insurance policy you can use our broker, who can get you several quotes from health insurers and help you choose the best one.