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Your ultimate checklist for a stress free holiday

Your holiday is a time to relax and concentrate on enjoying yourself, so let us help take the stress out of preparing for your trip. Here's everything you need to do before you jet off.

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Holiday checklist

  • Sort your travel insurance ASAP

  • Check your passport

  • Arrange your visas

  • Protect your driving

  • Get your vaccinations

  • Get your travel money

  • Check your EHIC

  • Tell your bank

Here's more on the holiday essentials you need for your travel wallet.

Download and print off your own checklist here

What you need to check

Months before you go:

Weeks before you go:

Days before you go:

  • Tell your bank where you're going, especially if you plan to use your cards. This will prevent them from putting a block on your account if they see unusual spending.

  • Weigh your bags to make sure they meet your airline's restrictions. Use your bathroom scales by weighing yourself, then weighing yourself again carrying your bag and working out the difference.

  • Go through the checklist again to make sure you've got all the essentials before you leave for the airport.

Top packing tips

What you take with you is ultimately up to you, but if you're struggling for room these tips could help you squeeze a few more things in your suitcase:

  • Check your hotel provides towels or toiletries so you can leave yours at home

  • If you're only taking hand luggage, check the liquid restrictions

  • Fill any extra space like the inside of your shoes with small items like socks

  • Rolling your clothes rather than folding them can save space and reduce creases

  • Pack anything you might need quick access to on top, like travel documents

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