How they work

Cards that offer 0% on purchases charge no interest for several months after you get the card. This is known as the interest free period.

For example, 24 months interest free means you will not get charged interest on what you buy with your card for 24 months, but only if you keep up with your repayments.

Why get a 0% deal?

You can use a 0% purchases card to borrow for free, and spread the cost of a large purchase over several months.

You won't need to pay any interest or fees as long as you pay it back before the interest free period ends, and do not break the card's terms.

How much they cost

It can cost you nothing, but if you do not pay off the balance in full before the 0% period ends, you will be charged interest every month.

You will also have to avoid the other fees and charges that can come with credit cards.

How to choose a 0% purchases card

The best interest free purchases credit card will offer you the longest 0% deal, giving you more time to pay off the balance without being charged interest.

Check 0% purchases credit cards here to find the one that offers the longest interest free period.

You can also check each card's representative APR, which is the interest rate they will charge after the 0% period ends.

What if you cannot get the card you want?

Every card has different acceptance conditions, like how much you need to earn, meaning that you may not be able to take out every credit card available.

You can find out which credit cards are most likely to accept you before you apply.