The right bridging loan for your business is the one that:

  • Lets you borrow the amount of money you need

  • Gives you the time you need to pay it back

  • Costs the least overall, including interest and fees

The best way to get the bridging loan your business needs is to talk to an expert broker.

Why use a broker?

Most bridging loan lenders only work with brokers, and do not lend directly to business owners or members of the public.

A good loan broker will also assess your business and recommend the most suitable loan.

Things to watch out for

While using an expert broker will help, make sure to check the following before you apply for a loan:

  • Fees and charges: There are lots of charges to pay, including valuation, arrangement and legal fees. Make sure you know exactly what the cost will be before you go ahead with the loan.

  • Type of interest: Bridging lenders charge interest monthly, so a small difference has a big affect on the cost of your borrowing. Check the type of rate too, some add interest to your monthly payments but others charge you a lump sum at the end of your term.

  • Your exit plan: Before you apply you need a clear plan to pay back your loan. While you could choose an open bridging loan that has no set end date, they are more expensive and the longer you borrow for, the more costly it will be.

Business bridging loan FAQs


How much could my business borrow?


Business bridging loans range anywhere from just a few thousand pounds, up to 250 million.


Does my business have to own property to get a bridging loan?


No, but because they are secured loans you need an asset to use as security. For example, some lenders consider land as viable security for a loan.


How long does it take to apply for a bridging loan?


You can usually apply online and find out if your application has been approved within 24 hours.


How quickly could the money be in my account?


If your application is approved the money could be in your account within 2 weeks, although you may be able to pay extra to process your loan faster.