Cookers can be expensive to repair or replace if they break, and appliance insurance can help you cover the costs. Appliance insurance is also known as an extended warranty, and most policies cover:

  • Repairs for mechanical breakdown, e.g. the fan on your oven breaks

  • Parts, labour and call out charges

  • Accidental damage

  • Replacing your cooker if it cannot be fixed

Do you need it?

You should think about taking out cover if:

  • Your manufacturer's warranty has ended: Cooker insurance can cover your appliance when it is no longer under warranty. If your manufacturer's warranty is still in place, there is no need to take out separate cover.

  • Your oven is expensive: Compare the cost of an extended warranty to the cost of replacing your cooker. Some cookers can cost thousands of pounds to replace, so a warranty could be worth the money.

  • You own your home: If you are a homeowner, you will need to cover the cost of repairs if your cooker breaks down. If you rent, your landlord will be responsible so you will not need insurance.

How to find the best policy

Use this comparison to find the cover you need by checking the:

  • Claims limit: This is the most an insurer will pay if you make a claim, e.g. 1,000. You should also check if there is a limit to the number of times you can claim.

  • Number of appliances covered: Most insurers let you cover multiple appliances on one policy, e.g. all of your white goods. You can usually get a discount for insuring more than one appliance, e.g. 5% off for each extra one you insure.

  • The cost: This is how much your insurance will cost, usually for 12 months of cover. You can usually pay monthly, but it is often cheaper to pay for your policy up front in full, so check to see if this is an option.

Get lots of online quotes from different insurers, so you can find the right cover at the cheapest price.

Cooker insurance FAQs


Can I claim if my hob stops working?


Yes, cooker insurance can cover your oven, hob and cooker hood. You should still check your policy documents to see if the cause of damage is covered.


Is my cooker covered under my home insurance?


It may be covered for things like fire or flood damage. But mechanical breakdown and accidental damage will not be covered.


Do I have to pay anything when I claim?


Yes, you have to pay an excess when you claim. This is usually between 25 and 75, depending on your policy.


Am I covered if the bulb in my oven breaks?


No, you cannot claim on a cooker warranty for broken bulbs or fuses.


Can I cover other kitchen appliances on my policy?


Yes, most insurers offer a discount if you cover more than one kitchen appliance. For example, a 5% discount for each item you add to your policy.

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