To get the best travel insurance for seniors over 70 you need to know:

  • Your travel destination: if you are travelling outside of Europe you usually need worldwide cover.

  • How long you plan to be away: standard policies usually cover you for trips up to 31 days long. If you will be away for longer, you may need to look for specialist cover.

  • Your personal details: these include your medical history and any pre- existing illnesses.

You can then compare the policy options each insurer offers and get quotes to find the cheapest cover.

Pick the right level of cover

Most over 70 travel insurance policies automatically include medical cover with their policies, but you need to decide exactly what other protection you need.

You may also want to add extra cover for some activities, including:

  • Golf

  • Winter sports

  • Extreme sports

  • Business

These added extras may make your policy more expensive but could offer valuable protection if you are planning to do any of these activities on your trip.

Annual or single trip cover?

You should also decide if you want a single trip policy, that covers you for one trip away, or annual cover which lasts for 12 months and covers multiple trips overseas.