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Discover a range of research articles and personal finance resources from the team at money.co.uk

The Barbie Pay Gap

The Barbie Pay Gap

Money.co.uk has analysed Barbie's professions to find out the average salary across the UK and USA and the gender pay gap to reveal how different Barbie's earnings would be compared to her male counterpart Ken.

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A photo of home under renovation.

The Renovation Nation Report

Where is the best place to buy a property to renovate? Money.co.uk has analysed everything from prices to planning permission approval rates to reveal England’s best renovation location.

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Image of map of uk with debt weight on top

The Debt Index

The personal finance experts at money.co.uk survey the nation to discover how much household debt we will be in at the start of the new year.

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global celeb fashion icons meta

Most popular celebrity fashion icons

Using Google search data, Money.co.uk have revealed the most popular celebrity fashion icons in (nearly) every country in the world.

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Dirty Delivery Meta Header Image

The Dirty Delivery Report 2021

The consumer spending experts at money.co.uk reveal the carbon cost of online shopping.

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Wooden table with blue plate presenting mince pies

Revealed: Best value mince pies

Christmas is just around the corner and the supermarkets are ready for the festive season. With this in mind, we have analysed the price and ingredients of mince pies across large UK supermarkets, to reveal the best value mince pies of 2021.

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Most searched fashion brands

The most popular fashion brands around the world

The consumer spending experts at money.co.uk have analysed Google search data from around the globe to reveal the world's most popular fashion brands.

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Fraud report meta image

The Quarterly Fraud and Cyber Crime Report | July - September 2021

Money.co.uk have reviewed the latest figures from Action Fraud, to uncover fraud and cyber crime activity in the UK.

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Yosemite National Park photo

The world's most mindful national parks revealed

Discover the best open space to get away from the stresses of modern life for the perfect tonic for your mental health.

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The World of Wine Report

The World of Wine Report

The investment experts at money.co.uk have delved into the world of wine to find out everything from which countries are the biggest wine exporters, and how much wine is drunk per person per year, to the most Instagrammable vineyards and things to look out for if you’re considering investing in wine.

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The Green Degree

The Green Degree

The energy experts at money.co.uk spoke with Universities across the UK to reveal which are leading the way with renewable energy initiatives with the aim of switching to greener energy plans or even achieving net zero in the near future.

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A picture of a toilet flush and text reading Powered by poo?

Powered by poo

The energy experts at money.co.uk reveal the weird and wonderful alternative energy sources that could soon be powering our homes soon.

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A picture of an LGBTQ+ flag with a crowd of people.

LGBTQ+ Retirement Index

The pensions experts at money.co.uk rank the most LGBTQ+ friendly retirement destinations in Europe and the US, according to how progressive the laws and legislation are. 

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Image of spaniel

Furry Destroyers

The home insurance experts at money.co.uk have scoured pet forums to work out the most destructive breeds of all.

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Money.co.uk reveals the UK brands which have been worst affected by data breaches over the last 20 years.

Breached Brands

Money.co.uk reveals which UK eCommerce, retail and technology brands have suffered the worst data breaches and how many people were affected over the last 20 years.

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Which royal family’s tiara collection would cost the most to insure?

Which Royal Family’s tiara collection would cost the most to insure?

The insurance experts at money.co.uk studied the policy costs for tiaras worn by royals all over the globe to estimate which royal is paying the most to keep their jewels safe.

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Influential Investors

Profiting from stocks and shares has been around for hundreds of years. But some people get their inspiration for financial decisions from key figures, even celebrities. Money.co.uk investigate which celebrities have influenced stock prices the most, from just a single Tweet.

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meta image for Luxury Fashion Index

Luxury Fashion Index

We delve into the world of luxury goods to discover the cost of iconic fashion around the world.

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A graphic of card reader and a hand holding a contactless debit card.

Cashless Countries

Using data from the World Bank and the largest debit and credit card providers, money.co.uk can reveal the most cashless economies in the world.

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A graphic reading: Pubs to people

Pubs to people

The consumer spending experts at money.co.uk have studied government data to discover which area in the UK has the best pub to people ratio.

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A picture of a dog with a title which reads: Dog Theft Hotspots. Which area in the UK suffers the most from dog thefts?

Dog Theft Hotspots

Money.co.uk requested information from police forces up and down the country on the number of dog thefts people have reported in the last five years, as well as which types of dog were most commonly stolen.

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Graphic header image

Festive calories around the world - an energy expert's guide to holiday treats

'tis the season to treat yourself but which holiday treats from around the world have the most calories? This new guide reveals a list of the healthiest and the most calorific Christmas puddings.

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