Our calculations are based on the assumption that you pay the same fixed interest rate for the entire repayment period, and that you don't miss any payments, make overpayments, make underpayments or have to pay any additional fees.

You can personalise your results based on the loan amount and term you want on our unsecured loans comparison.

How to use our loan calculator

You can use our calculator to work out how much a loan would cost by entering:

  1. The amount you want to borrow

  2. How long you need to repay it

  3. The loan's interest rate (APR)

We will then show you:

  • How much you would repay each month, so you can make sure you can afford the loan

  • How much you would repay in total, so you can work out the overall cost of each loan and choose the best one

Tips for using our calculator

You can compare real life examples by using the interest rates, loan terms and amounts from the loans in our comparison and compare several to find the cheapest.

We do not charge you any fees for our services. You can use our guides, loan comparisons and calculator free of charge.

Try different loan terms to find out how much you would pay each month and the overall cost. A shorter loan term usually costs less in total, but a longer term should mean smaller monthly payments.

Other costs to look out for

Our calculator shows how much your loan will cost including interest, but you should also look out for:

  • Arrangement fees

  • Early repayment charges

  • Fees for late payments

What sort of loan do you need?

Unsecured loans

Unsecured loans (also called personal loans) let you borrow up to 25,000 and repay it over a period of up to ten years. They are not secured against your property, so they are available if you rent as well as if you own your home.

Secured loans

Secured loans are guaranteed against something you own, usually your home. You can borrow a larger amount over a longer term than with unsecured loans, so they often end up costing more overall.

Car finance

If you want to buy a car, you can use car finance to borrow the money you need.

You can take out a cash loan to buy the car and own it straightaway, or you can use a finance plan like hire purchase where you may not own the car until the final payment is made. Find out more about how to get the right car finance here.

Loans for bad credit

If you have missed payments on your credit record you are more likely to be accepted for a bad credit loan than other types of loan.

Where to find help with debt

If you are looking for a loan but already have outstanding debts, here are some ideas of where you can get help, including debt advice charities.