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Life insurance guides

Our life insurance guides can help you determine the best policy options to consider, how to cut your costs and ultimately the best way to provide security for your loved ones after your passing.


What is the cost of death?

The costs associated with dying are not a lot of fun to think about, but planning ahead could save you and your loved ones thousands when the time comes.

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What is mortgage life insurance?

Have you heard about mortgage life insurance, but are uncertain what it is or how it works? Our guide can give you all the information you need to know.


Which life insurance policy is right for you?

Choosing the right policy depends on how long you need cover for, the payout amount and how you want it paid. Here is how to get the best life insurance policy for your needs.


How to claim on a life insurance policy

Losing someone is heart breaking, but they may have a life insurance policy in place to give financial support to family or friends. Here is how to deal with their life insurance claim.


What is a family income benefit policy?

If you want to leave your family an income to live off when you die, rather than a lump sum of money, a family income benefit could be for you. Here is how it works.


What is life insurance?

If you want to be able to give financial security to your loved ones when you die, a life insurance policy could help. Here is how life insurance works.


What is over 50s life insurance?

You may find it harder to get life insurance as you get older, but there are still policies available that could give you peace of mind. Here are your options if you are over 50.


What is term life insurance?

If you want to pay off a large debt when you die, a term life insurance policy could be for you. Here is what term life insurance is and how it works.


How to cut the cost of your life insurance

You could save money on your life insurance by looking for policies that give you the cover you actually need. Here is how to get the right cover for the best price.


What is a whole of life insurance policy?

If you take out a whole of life insurance policy, you are almost guaranteed to get a payout when you die. Here is how it works and what types you can choose from.


The most important insurance you probably don't have

You may be used to sorting out cover for your car, home, pet, gadgets and more, but have you forgotten to sort out the most important insurance?

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What insurance do you need with your mortgage?

Your mortgage is likely to be the biggest expense you will face in life, but what happens if you can no longer pay it? Here are the types of insurance that can help you pay your mortgage.