Last updated:15 September 2020

To find the best overseas holiday home insurance policy that protects your property, ask yourself:

  • Is your property eligible for overseas holiday home insurance? Check that your overseas home is eligible for an overseas property insurance policy because some insurers do not cover every location and property type.

  • What overseas holiday home insurance cover do you need? Think about how much overseas property insurance protection your holiday home needs, and what you need to cover.

  • Will you rent out your property? You will need extra insurance if you plan to rent out your overseas property when you are not using it.

You can buy overseas holiday home insurance with any of the insurers in this comparison. Compare as many overseas property insurance quotes as possible to find the right policy for the cheapest price.

Is your property eligible for overseas holiday home insurance?

The following property types are usually covered:

  • Cottages

  • Chalets

  • Villas

  • Static caravans

Most insurers cover homes in popular European countries. However, most usually exclude areas that are at risk from natural disasters like earthquakes, e.g. areas of Turkey or Italy from holiday home insurance. France, Spain, Portugal and other western European countries should be covered.

Check the terms and conditions before you apply to make sure your property and location are covered by your holiday home insurance. Spain's island territories and other popular areas that are not on the mainland may also be subject to special conditions. Check your policy documents to make sure you're covered.

What overseas holiday home insurance cover can you get?

You can get similar cover to a standard UK buildings and contents insurance policy, as well as:

  • Travel to your property cover: If there is an emergency at your property, this covers your travel costs to sort it out.

  • Extra contents protection: This covers specific items at your overseas property, like solar panels, hot tubs and golf clubs.

Check the terms and conditions of your overseas holiday home insurance carefully when comparing policies to get the cover you want for your property.

Will you rent out your property?

Renting out your overseas property is a good way to make extra money, but you need to find insurance that includes:

  • Loss of rent or income cover

  • Contents insurance, including accidental damage cover

  • Public liability insurance

  • Employer's liability insurance, if you employ cleaners for example

Some overseas holiday home insurance policies include these as standard, and others let you add them to your policy at an extra cost.

Here is more about the cover you need when renting out your overseas property.

Overseas holiday home insurance FAQs


Can standard home insurance cover my overseas property?


No, because standard policies only cover UK homes. Also, most do not cover any properties left empty for more than 30 or 60 days.


What countries are covered by overseas home insurance?


Overseas property insurers cover most major European countries like France and Spain. This comparison includes some of the areas each insurer covers.


What types of property can I cover abroad?


Most holiday home policies can cover villas, chalets, apartments and static caravans in the UK or overseas.


Is it more expensive to insure a property abroad?


It can be, because your overseas home is at risk if you leave it empty for long periods. Here is how to cut your home insurance costs.

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