First you need to work out exactly what eBike insurance you need. Electric bikes can be expensive to buy, with top of the range models costing up to £2,000. Without the right electric bike insurance, you may have to pay even more to repair damage or fix mechanical issues.

Get the right cover

Make sure you get an electric bike insurance policy that can cover the cost of your bike by checking the maximum cover each insurer offers. When you buy eBike insurance, UK providers will usually include various add-ons — some of which may cost extra. A bicycle insurance policy can include cover for:

  • Theft: This can cover the cost of a replacement bike if yours is stolen.

  • Malicious or accidental damage: This can cover the cost of repairing or replacing your bike if it is damaged or vandalised.

  • Personal accident: This can give you a lump sum pay out if you are seriously injured after an accident on your bike.

  • Third party liability: This can cover the cost of any claims against you if you cause an accident while riding your bike.

Add extras if you need them

Most policies offer extra options you can add to your policy to increase the level of cover on your electric bike insurance policy. You can add cover for things like:

Check each policy to make sure it gives you the cover you need before you buy. If you simply purchase the cheapest eBike insurance, UK wide, you may not have the right cover for you.

Shop around for the best e bike insurance policy

When you know what cover you want, look for a policy that offers what you need at the cheapest price.

Make sure you have the right vehicle for electric bike insurance

If your electric bike exceeds a certain top speed — currently 15.5mph — your eBike insurer may class it as a moped. You would therefore need specialist scooter and moped insurance and would not be covered by a standard eBike policy.

It is a legal requirement to but insurance and road tax for a moped or scooter, so make sure you know exactly what you are riding. Also, check your insurance documents carefully to make sure that your vehicle is covered.

Claims eBike insurance will not cover

Even the best electric bike insurance policies will not cover everything. Common exclusions include:

  • Incidents that occur while you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • If you use your bike for monetary gain

  • If you cannot prove you own your bike

  • Cosmetic damage that does not stop the bike from working

  • Damage to accessories

  • Theft where you have not taken appropriate action to secure your bike correctly