First you need to work out exactly what protection you need. Electric bikes can be expensive to buy, with top of the range models costing up to 2,000.

Use this comparison to find an insurance policy that can cover the cost if your bike needs to be replaced.

Get the right cover

Make sure you get a policy that can cover the cost of your bike by checking the maximum cover each insurer offers. A bicycle insurance policy can include cover for:

  • Theft: This can cover the cost of a replacement bike if yours is stolen.

  • Malicious or accidental damage: This can cover the cost of repairing or replacing your bike if it is damaged or vandalised.

  • Personal accident: This can give you a lump sum pay out if you are seriously injured after an accident on your bike.

  • Third party liability: This can cover the cost of any claims against you if you cause an accident while riding your bike.

Add extras if you need them

Most policies offer extra options you can add to your policy to increase your cover. You can add cover for things like:

Check each policy to make sure it gives you the cover you need before you buy.

Shop around for the best policy

When you know what cover you want, look for a policy that offers what you need at the cheapest price.

This comparison only includes bicycle insurers that can cover electric bikes. You can use it to get as many quotes as possible to find the right one for you.

Electric bicycle insurance FAQs


Will I be covered if my electric bike breaks down?


Yes, most insurers cover mechanical breakdown. Some policies also include a recovery service if you break down away from your home.


Do I need to tax and insure my electric bike on UK roads?


No, it does not need to be taxed or insured to be used on the road, as long as it has pedals and does not travel over 15.5 mph.


Will my electric bike be covered if I do not use a lock?


No, you must lock your bike up to an immovable object if you leave it in a public area. If you keep it at home it must be locked inside or in your garage.


Do I need to use a specific lock for my bike?


Yes, most insurers only accept a claim for theft if your bike has been secured using an approved lock. Find out what Sold Secure locks you need here.


Will my contents insurance cover my electric bike?


Yes, but only when it is in your home or locked away on your property. Most contents policies do not cover expensive bikes; find out more here.