An extended car warranty is an insurance policy that covers the cost of your car’s wear and tear for a set period of time.

It’s a guarantee that the car has been sold to you in good condition. But, if it hasn’t, you’ll have peace of mind that the extended warranty provider will pay out to cover the repair costs. With the best car warranty, UK car insurance providers cover you for parts and labour costs linked to the general mechanics of your car. Even if you have breakdown cover or are signed up to the AA, car warranty insurance could be an important policy for you.

When you buy a new car, it comes with a warranty for a set period of time. This standard warranty tends to last between three and seven years. Once the standard warranty comes to an end, you can get an aftermarket warranty. This is also known as an extended warranty and it’s for after your manufacturer’s warranty finishes.

You can get an extended car warranty from the car manufacturer if you’re buying a new car. If you’re buying a used car, you can get a used car warranty from another provider.

How to find the best car warranty insurance

To find the best car warranty, UK wide, it’s a good idea to shop around and find a policy that meets your needs.

It’s important to check the labour rate. That’s the maximum amount the extended warranty provider will pay towards labour costs if your car ends up in a garage. It’s also helpful to see what the age and mileage limits are on the extended car warranty insurance you’re considering. If there are limits, even if you've bought the best car warranty, UK providers won’t pay out for repairs if your car is over those limits.

If you’re taking out extended car warranty cover, think carefully about your car. What type of car is it? What kind of maintenance does it need? How often do you use it? If you’ve got a used car, extended warranty insurance with wear and tear cover might be helpful. Not all warranty providers offer this.

Of course you’ll want to find the cheapest extended car warranty policies out there. But remember that it’s important to find the best car warranty, UK wide, for your needs. Read the providers’ policies carefully to make sure they cover what you’re after.

What’s included with extended warranty car insurance?

Depending on the level of cover you have, extended warranty car insurance usually includes repairs to your:

  • Engine and suspension

  • Clutch and brakes

  • Transmission system

  • Fuel and ignition system

  • Air conditioning

  • Electrics

  • Gearbox

  • Steering.

It’s important to check the claims limit when you’re looking to buy an extended warranty for cars. The claim limit is the most an insurer will pay if you make a claim. You can check exactly what’s covered here.

The best car warranty policies include extra features. This could be hire car cover while your car is being repaired or breakdown recovery, for example with the AA. Car warranty extras can push up the cost of your premiums, though.

Here’s some more information about what an extended car warranty covers.

What’s not covered by your extended warranty?

Your extended warranty policy will list which parts are covered. Every extended car warranty is different. But most car warranty insurance policies will not cover:

  • Batteries, wheels, tyres, exhausts, catalytic converters, worn out clutches and brakes

  • Damage caused by oil leaks

  • Cars used for competitions, commercial deliveries or as taxis

  • Damage caused by frost, blockages, contamination or sludge

  • Poor workmanship or faulty components.

All extended car warranty policies will include an Insurance Product Information Document (IPID). It’s a simple, two-page document that gives clear information about all levels of cover, restrictions and exclusions. Check your extended warranty car insurance policy terms to get full details on all your policy benefits and limitations.

Types of warranty insurance

There are many different types of extended car warranty cover available. It’s important to find a policy that fulfills your particular needs.

You could look at:

Do you need car warranty insurance?

Perhaps your new car warranty is coming to an end, or you might be thinking about taking out a used car warranty. Either way, you can save money and reduce worry with extended car warranty insurance.

But it’s important to check exactly what’s covered by extended warranty car insurance policy. You might think it’s not worth it if certain things aren’t covered. Here’s more advice on car warranty insurance.