To find the best deal, you need to get the most Costa Rica money for the amount you want to exchange. To do this, you need to take the following into account:

  • The Costa Rica exchange rate: This is how many Costa Rican colon you get for each pound you exchange. The higher the rate, the more you get for your money.

  • The cost of delivery: You may have to pay a small fee to have your Costa Rican colón delivered to you.

  • When you need your currency: If you are planning on travelling in the next few days, a delivery service may not get your colon to you on time.

You could choose a company that offers a collection option, which means you can collect at a store near you, or the airport you're travelling from.

How to compare deals effectively

You should always deduct any fees or costs from the amount you want to exchange, to give you a clearer idea of the best deal. For example, if you had £500 to exchange into colon (₡):

Travel company A that offers a rate of 744.51, with a delivery fee of £5, would offer you ₡368,532.45 for exchanging £495.

Travel company B that offers a rate of 743.51, with no delivery fee, would offer you ₡371,755 for exchanging the full £500.

Use our currency calculator at the top of this comparison to specify the amount you want to exchange.

When you do this, each travel money company will update to show what you get for your money, with fees deducted already.

Costa Rican colon FAQs


Should I buy my Costa Rican colon early or wait?


There is no guarantee the rate will be better or worse at any time, so it depends on how far in advance of your trip you want your travel money.


Can I use my credit card to buy Costa Rican colon?


Yes, but you will be charged by both your credit card provider and the travel money provider for purchasing travel money with your credit card.


What is commission?


It is the fee a travel money company charges for exchanging your money into a foreign currency.