If you are going on an extended holiday you will need to have the right travel insurance in place.

Not all insurers offer cover for trips longer than 31 days.

How long can it cover you for?

You can find cover for at least 120 days, which could be ideal if you are:

  • Going abroad to visit friends or family for a few months

  • Travelling around several countries

  • Spending winter in a holiday home

If you are going travelling, or on a gap year, a specialist backpacker travel insurance policy might be better suited to your needs because it can offers benefits specific to you trip.

What is covered?

A long stay policy should include cover for:

  • Medical expenses

  • Cancellation of your trip

  • Lost or stolen baggage, money and personal belongings

You should look carefully at what level of cover you will need before you take out a policy.

This guide outlines what cover levels you should be looking for.

Add extra cover if you need it

You can customise your cover to better fit your trip by adding extra options like:

You must also make sure you declare any medical conditions you have so they are covered too; if you do not you will be unable to claim.