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You could save on your cover by comparing quotes for our best motorcycle insurance, UK wide.

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Last updated: 16 September 2020

What is motorcycle insurance?

The best motorcycle insurance covers you against risks like theft, damage and road traffic accidents.

It’s illegal to drive without bike insurance in the UK. Motorcycle insurance is something every motorcyclist needs. The only time you don’t need it is if you’ve declared your bike as being off the road.

Whether you’ve just passed your test or been biking for years, it’s important to get the best motorcycle insurance for you and your bike.

What level of cover do you need from your motorbike insurance?

Before you get bike insurance, you’ll need to decide what level of cover you need. The more cover you have, the more protection you’ll have. But remember that with the best motorcycle insurance, UK providers will likely charge more money for more cover.

The best motorbike insurance for you is the policy that gives you the cover you need, at the cheapest price.

You can choose from three types of motorcycle or moped insurance cover:

Third party only covers injury to others and damage to their property.

Third party, fire and theft covers injury to others and damage to their property. It also covers theft of your bike and fire damage to your bike.

Fully comprehensive covers all of the above, plus damage to your bike through accident or vandalism.

Once you’ve decided which type is the best motorcycle insurance for you, fill out our form to compare bike insurance. This will help you to find the right policy at the best price.

How much does bike insurance cost?

When you compare motorbike insurance you’ll see how much the price varies between companies. It also varies depending on a number of variables. These can include:

  • The type of motorbike you have

  • How old you are

  • Your history

  • How you use the bike

  • How you secure your bike

  • Where you store your motorbike

  • The excess you pay

How can I get cheap motorcycle insurance?

When you compare motorcycle insurance, don’t simply focus on getting cheap bike insurance. You need to make sure it gives you enough cover too. The best motorcycle insurance for you will have the cover you need, not just the cheapest price.

But there are a few things you can do to save money on your insurance. These include:

  • Pay up front in full, because insurers charge interest for monthly payments

  • Choose to pay a higher excess. This will reduce your monthly payments, but you do need to make sure you could afford the excess if you needed to claim. Also be aware that paying a higher excess could cost you more overall if you need to make a claim

  • Leave out any extras. Don’t pay more for extra benefits that you won’t need to use

  • Secure your vehicle. Tell your insurer if you keep your motorbike in a garage and about any anti-theft devices you have

  • Shop around. Compare motorcycle insurance, UK wide, to get the best bike insurance quote that meets your needs. Also, don’t auto-renew your insurance – check the motorcycle insurance quote your insurer is offering. The bike insurer you’re currently with might not offer you the best deal. When it comes to insurance, loyalty doesn’t often pay.

Get the cover and extras you need

When you’re looking for the right motorbike insurance quote, think about what you need from your policy. With even the best motorbike insurance, UK providers will likely sell additional cover to you as extras.

You might want cover for:

  • Trips abroad: Most insurance companies include cover for riding your bike abroad. But the length of time you’re covered for can vary. Some insurers cap trips abroad at a maximum of 30 days. Others give you 180 days of cover.

  • Helmets and clothing: Most motorbike policies include the option to add cover for accessories, but you might have to pay a bit extra. Look for a bike insurance policy where cover comes as standard. Check the limit is enough to replace your helmet and leathers.

  • UK breakdown cover: This gives you roadside assistance if your bike breaks down while you’re on the road. Some insurers charge extra for this, so look for policies that include it as standard.

  • Pillion cover: Some insurers let you take a passenger but others sell this as an add-on. Check carefully whether it’s included in your policy as standard.

Here’s more information about the different types of motorbike insurance.

What kinds of specialist motorbike insurance policies are there?

Before doing a motorbike insurance comparison, consider whether you need specialist motorbike insurance.

Specialist policies can sometimes cost more, depending on exactly what they’re for. Some of the specialist types of bike insurance include:

  • Scooter insurance or moped insurance – if you’re under 25 and it’s your first bike, cheap moped insurance can be hard to find

  • Sports bike insurance – for high-performance bikes, so it can be expensive

  • Supermoto insurance - a lightweight model with a smaller engine will be cheaper to insure

  • Classic motorcycle insurance – classic bikes can be worth a lot. But they’re usually well looked after and not used much, so classic bike insurance isn’t too expensive multi bike insurance – if you’ve got several bikes, this can be a more cost-effective way to insure them.

How do I get a good motorbike insurance quote?

Compare bike insurance to get a good motorcycle insurance quote.

It’s quick and easy to do. Just click on ‘get quotes’ at the top of this page and fill out the information. You’ll have quotes within minutes.

Before you know it, you’ll have a range of quotes to compare. Remember that cheap motorcycle insurance isn’t always the best option. Check the details and make sure you’re getting the right cover for your needs. You don’t want to end up under-insured!

Similarly, you don’t want to over-insure yourself and pay more than you need to.

What information do I need to share to get a motorcycle insurance quote?

You just need to tell us a little bit about yourself, your bike and your driving history. This includes any claims you’ve made or accidents you’ve had.

We’ll help you find the best motorcycle insurance for your needs in minutes.

Can I ride other motorbikes on my motorcycle insurance policy?

Some insurers offer policies that allow you to ride other bikes. These are often known as ride-any-bike policies, which usually only offer third-party only cover. So if you damage a bike that you've borrowed from a friend, you will have to pay to have it repaired.

Motorbike insurance FAQs

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