Most mobile phone insurance policies include worldwide cover for your phone, but some policies offer more protection than others.

Consider how often you travel

Use this comparison to find a policy that covers your phone for the time you are abroad. The three main options are:

  1. 30 days

  2. 90 days

  3. 180 days

This covers total days throughout the year, not consecutive days abroad, so make sure you choose a policy that offers enough cover for your travel plans.

For example, if you only plan short trips throughout the year, you could get cheaper cover by choosing fewer days overseas.

Think about what cover you need

You should compare cover options to find the right policy for you:

  • Theft: This covers the cost of a replacement phone if yours is stolen while you are travelling. Theft is one of the greatest risks to your smartphone while you are abroad, so you should think getting a policy with theft cover.

  • Accidental damage: This covers damage to your phone caused by you, for example, dropping your phone or stepping on the screen. Cosmetic damage and general wear and tear are not covered.

  • Liquid damage: This covers repairs to your phone due to water damage. You should think about including liquid damage cover if you plan to have your phone on the beach or near the pool.

  • Loss: This covers the cost of a replacement phone if yours goes missing while you are abroad. You should check the terms of the policy to see what losses are covered, because some insurers exclude things like leaving your phone in a bar.

Look for policies that also cover unauthorised use if your phone is lost or stolen, as costs will be greater abroad where calls and data are charged at higher rates.

Cover is usually capped at 2,000 and you must report your phone stolen to the local authorities and your insurer within 24 hours of realising it is missing.

Worldwide mobile phone insurance FAQs


Will my mobile phone accessories also be covered abroad?


Yes, although only if they are lost or damaged at the same time as your phone.


How do I make a claim if I lose my phone while on holiday?


Most insurers have a 24/7 claims line, which can be reached anywhere in the world. The number can be found in your policy documents.


Will my insurance cover me anywhere in the world?


Most policies cover you in all countries, unless you have been told not to travel there by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


Am I covered for excessive call or data charges abroad?


No, so check local rates before you travel and turn off roaming to avoid data charges. Ofcom have more advice about using your phone abroad.

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