Health insurance can be harder to find and more expensive if you are over 50. This is because you are more likely to claim for private medical treatment as you get older. Some insurers also have age limits on their policies.

But some insurers do not set age limits. You can get quotes from our health insurance broker, who can also offer advice on picking the best policy.

How to choose the best health insurance

Check the cover

Each policy comes with different rules on:

  • What illnesses, injuries and symptoms it can pay to treat

  • What types of treatment it can pay for, e.g. inpatient care but not outpatient treatment

Here is how health insurance works, what conditions it can cover and what treatment it can pay for.

Check the cost

Health insurance comes with two main costs:

  • The premium is what you pay for the policy, usually charged monthly

  • The excess is how much you have to pay towards the bill yourself if you claim

You could cut the cost of your policy by choosing one that only covers exactly what you need.

A tailored over fifties policy could pay for treatment you want access to but not cover treatment you would not sure. Excluding cover you do not need could get you a better deal with cheaper premiums.