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The most popular fashion brands around the world

Last year the personal finance experts here at money.co.uk delved into the data to reveal the most popular fashion brands in (nearly) every country in the world. Last year it was the high-street brand Zara, but how have things changed in 2022?

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Using Google search data, money.co.uk crunched the numbers once again to reveal the most searched fashion brands around the world and compared them to last year to reveal the changes. 

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map of the word with every countrys most popular fashion brands

According to data from the last 12 months, the most searched fashion brand worldwide is the Chinese fast-fashion retailer, Shein. Not only is it a new entry to the leaderboard but it also dominates the global results coming out as the top brand in an impressive total of 113 countries. Some of the countries looking for affordable goods from Shein are Australia, Brazil, Cyprus, France, and Ireland.

As a result, last year's winner Zara is knocked down one spot to the second-most popular brand in the world topping the searches in 26 countries; including its home turf Spain, Croatia, Greece, Japan, and Turkey. Meanwhile, Zalando maintains its position as the third-most-popular fashion brand in the world. 

In fourth place is Nike, down two positions compared to 2021, as it is the most searched-for brand in 10 countries; including, Bangladesh, Chile, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Samoa, Slovakia, South Korea, Thailand and Timor Leste. 

As Zara, Macy's, H&M, Uniqlo, ASOS and Next all feature on the world’s most popular fashion brands list, it is clear that high-street brands with a strong e-commerce offering come with a large appeal for shoppers. Leading sports brands are also prominent on the list with Nike taking the top spot in 10 countries, Adidas being the number one fashion brand in eight countries, while Lululemon and Puma come out on top for Canada and India, respectively.

However, a few luxury brands also take the top spot in some countries; for example, Dior moves up one position from last year as Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya all search for it more than any other fashion brand. Chanel is down two positions, while Hugo Boss and Michael Kors enter the leaderboard for the first time. 

The most Googled fashion brands around the world

BrandNumber of countriesPosition change from 2021
Shein113New entry
Zara26Down 1
Zalando18No change
Nike10Down 2
Adidas8Up 2
Macys3Up 11
H&M3Up 1
Uniqlo3Up 4
ASOS2Down 4
Dior3Up 1
Chanel2Down 2
Hugo Boss1New entry
Lululemon1No change
Michael Kors1New entry
Next1Down 5
Puma1New entry
map of europe and each countries favourite brands
Map of North and central america with each countries most popular fashion brands
map if south america and each countries most popular fashion brands
Map of asia and each countries favourite fashion brands
Map of africa and each countries favourite fashion brands
map of Oceania and each countries most popular fashion brands

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Methodology and sources

Worldwide search data analysed by money.co.uk in November 2022 using Google Keyword planner.

The top brand for each country was found using annual search data in each country for each brand.

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