If you are aged between 17 and 20 you will have to pay more than most for your car insurance. Thankfully there are a few things you can do to keep the cost down:

Compare as many quotes as possible

To get the best deal you need to shop around and compare as many quotes as you can.

You should never choose a policy on price alone though, make sure it gives you all the protection you need too. Find out what a car insurance policy will cover you against here.

Try black box insurance

A black box records how you drive, and if you can prove to your insurer you are a safe driver they will reward you with lower payments.

It is a good option for young drivers because it means the cost of your cover will be based on your driving alone, not every driver in your age group. You can compare black box policies here.

Increase your excess

Most insurers let you increase the amount you have to pay when you make a claim, which can mean lower quotes.

However, most insurers set a higher policy excess if you are under 21 years old, sometimes as much as £400.

Watch out: Before you increase your excess make sure you can afford it if you need to claim. If you make a claim with a higher excess you could end up paying more overall.

More ways to save

  • Drive the right car: Cars with smaller engines often cost less to insure as they are found in the low car insurance groups.

  • Gain extra qualifications: If you have a Pass Plus qualification for example, some insurers will give you a discount.

  • Try comprehensive cover: Some insurers offer lower quotes for comprehensive policies because they know high risk drivers choose lower levels of cover.

Read this guide for more ways to cut the cost of your car insurance.