No, not always. Some insurers offer cheaper cover when you take out a comprehensive policy.

This is because these insurers find that high risk drivers choose lower levels of cover to try to save money.

Although some companies will quote you less for a third party, fire and theft policy, be aware that you will not be fully protected.

What does third party, fire and theft cover?

It protects you against:

  • Any damage or injury you cause to another car or other third party property

  • Loss or damage caused through the theft of your vehicle

  • Any damage caused by fire

For example, if you crashed into another car and both vehicles were damaged, you could only claim to cover the cost of the repairs to the other driver's car. You would have to pay to repair your own car yourself.

However, you would be able to claim if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by an accidental fire or arson.

Who should get a third party, fire and theft policy?

This level of cover could be a good option if you drive an inexpensive car that would not cost much to repair. This is because you will not have to pay out as much if your car is damaged in an accident.

However, this is only worth considering if it is cheaper than comprehensive cover, so you should still get quotes for both levels.

How to find the best policy

Always compare as many quotes as possible to find the best cover.

The best policy will offer the most protection for the cheapest price. Third party, fire and theft insurance may cost you more if you have an accident because you will have to pay for your own repairs.

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