Is to get as many quotes as you can to find the best deal; you can use our comparison to get quotes if you are over 60.

The over 60s is one of the cheapest age groups for car insurance, but there are other things you can do to make sure you get the best possible deal.

Get rewarded for your safe driving

If you been driving sensibly for many years, chances are you will have built up more than five years of no claims which can mean a 75% discount on your car insurance.

Some insurers let you add no claims bonus protection for an extra cost which can keep your discount intact even if you need to claim.

Sometimes it can be cheaper to pay out of your own pocket rather than claiming in order to protect your discount. This guide includes an example of when not claiming and paying yourself could save you money.

Pay upfront in one go

Paying for your car insurance in one yearly payment will usually be much cheaper than making monthly payments.

This is because most insurers add up to 30% interest when you spread your payments over the term of the policy.

For example, if an insurer charges 20% interest on monthly payments:

  • An annual policy costs £400

  • Total cost of monthly instalments would be £480

  • Paying upfront would save you £80

If you cannot afford to pay the whole premium straight away you could use a 0% purchase credit card and spread the cost over the interest free period.