If you want to drive your car on the continent you must have the right insurance in place.

Every UK car insurance policy will provide minimum third party cover to drive in other European Union (EU) countries, but this will only cover other drivers' costs, so you should consider extending your cover to get the best protection.

Extended European cover

Many car insurance policies let you extend your European cover so you will get the same protection as you have in the UK.

So, if you have a fully comprehensive policy, you will get comprehensive cover when you drive in Europe too. However, you will have to pay extra for this if it is not offered as standard.

Get the right length of cover

Most will European car insurance policies will set:

  • A maximum period for the term of the policy: For example a total of 180 days for the year

  • A maximum length of each individual trip: For example between three and 90 days, depending on the insurer

For example, if you are planning to be away in a foreign country for three months during the year, make sure you get cover for at least 90 days. Make sure each trip made during those 90 days does not exceed the single trip limit.

Some insurance companies offer unlimited annual European cover, which means you will get the same cover at home and abroad for trips of any length during the policy.

You should also make sure the policy you choose covers everything you need, not just driving in Europe. Here is everything car insurance can cover you against.